Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Which way did they go Wednesday & then some more:2.0

Whew! It was a nail biter, a barn burner and an all nighter that I couldn't just stand one more moment of. Yes, I talking about the last of the Democratic Primaries that had many in America simply holding their breaths. Will She? Will He? Who Will? Can it Be? and ultimately, that nagging question that keeps bothering me to no avail,"Is America ready for a Black President?" Finally it's done, Senator Barack Obama has secured the Democratic nomination for President of the United States thwarting a gallant attempt from Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton. The tounges are wagging everywhere, heads talking and of course I'm at the keyboard putting my two cents on the table. In all my lifetime, I don't remember a campaign that simply was a battle of the titans in overdrive. Even today as I compose this entry, Clinton hasn't suspended her campaign, nor has she actually acknowledged his "presumptiveness" and she's still in play as a possible V.P. candidate, that I'm not sure will come to fruition or should. I even got in on the game with my less than stellar attempt to be a Clinton delegate during the Arkansas Democratic Party mash up of deciding who will go to Denver later this year. To date the Arkansas Super Delegates are stil holding frim to the Clinton corner and awaiting marching orders. Personally, I'm resloved that if B.O. is the nominee, then let's get in lock step to the ballot box. So, here we are with the historic candidacy of Obama resonating in the echo of the monumental pronouncement of MLK some two decades ago. Meanwhile, thrusted through the ground breaking presidential political forrays of Shirley Chisom, Jessie Jackson, and Al Sharpton respectively. Mr. Obama has sounded the ralling cry for "change," from the way we perceive each other overall to how the people's business is being handled in Washington. His optismistic view as well as belief that through his leadership this will be accomplished has appealed to the masses across the board and I'm egarly awaiting his details to this promised place and I reserved the right to my skepticism. Congrats Mr. O, a job well done. Mrs. Clinton, a job well done. But, it ain't over yet, it's on to November where the real thunderdome awaits you and even, me.

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