Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pride Round Up 2008 and Then Some

Have you survived Pride 08? It's become very apparent to me that I get a little more spent than I use to trying to do "pride" in the city. Whew, the obligation mix/ mash up of my life, business, relationship, work and Pride has been a tough but we kept kicking. And just to think that there's more to come, not to mention the upcoming Little Rock Black Pride slate of events in July. As usual I'll be on board to bring you all the updates, commentaries, people watching and so much more! So, let's do a round up and continue to LIVE, LOVE and Be...Arkansas' online destination for the GLBTQ community and beyond!

Pride Royalty: Even in edit mode or at re-read point before posting, I may miss a factoid or a connecting feature that would bring clarity to a story. O.K. I'm not quite perfect, yet. As I was been chagrined at the contestant field of the 08 Mr. & Miss Pride contest. I needed to give a big shout out and apology to the "male" winner, Mr. Victor, as well as another nod to, Tionne Iman as Miss 08 Pride. Also a hearty "you go boy" to Zia D'Yor whom served as the MC for the event hosted at the Backstreet Complex plus noting his continuing excellence to serve within the community. It takes guts and talent to strut your stuff while attempting to represent. I know because I do it every day! Congrats to all and best wishes for the year to come! (picture courtesy of ZDY myspace photo album)

I wanna be in Pictures: Pride weekend will showcase Cinema Pride 2008 at Easy Street Piano Bar (307 W. 7th street) If you picked up one of the Pride booklets, then you will notice that the schedule was supposed to be released prior to the screenings. But, par for the course, some how this didn't happened. So I had to go in search of the damn thing. In journalist mode I also wanted to try to find out what happened and why. Of course there's plenty of splanning to do and it's just not worth the effort to tell ya. Just say that a Three Stoogies flick should have been included on the schedule. If time allows, I'm down for some Sunday screenings which began at Noon with a two hour window for each selection. According to the schedule, there will be several Arkansas Premiers, such as the comedy "Boystown" and documentary "Abomination: The Ex-Gay Movement," at 2 pm. But no Pageant, the high acclaimed film about female impersonation which has direct ties to this part of the country.With that said, I'm interested in seeing Abomination since I ran a post some time ago about gays being "relieved of their orientation by re-programmers". I'm also including a little synopsis of the film that may help get some folks out to see some of this material. From what I could determine, Saturday's turnout seemed a bit dismal. Abomination is a documentary focusing on sexual orientation conversion therapies, sometimes called "reparative therapy." Conversion therapies have been criticized by mainstream mental health professionals for the harm they cause and for their practitioners' overstated claims of success. Nevertheless, these "treatments" are increasingly being promoted by conservative faith communities across the US. Abomination is a sobering counterpoint to the false hopes being marketed by the ex-gay movement.. . . Just as a closing FYI, this film is available at and other outlets for your personal viewing pleasure.

Need More: If you haven't had a chance to do your Pride thing there's still time! Discovery, 1021 Jessie Road will continue to Party Like a Rock Star with it's Midnight and 2 AM Gay Pride Party for you late nighters, at UBU, It's a FOURBEANSALAD, starting at 9 p.m. Fish is Frying and Cotton is high at SIDETRACKS' Annual Family Reunion, bar opens at Noon and there's no charge! The T-shirt signing party was too cute and I'm taking my T with me to the BWMT Conference in St.Louis in July. Thanks to the ST management for stepping to the plate!

Black Pride in the City: Yep, there's gonna be some Black Pride in the Central City come July 18- 20. Previously I mentioned that organizers were putting together their slate and this forum will be getting the inside skinny of who, what when, where and certainly the "why" in Black Pride. Reliable sources have alerted me that printed 'Flyers" were being circulated in nearbyy Memphis, inquiries are coming in from various points, including brother and sister's in the ATL as well as other mid south destinations. Meanwhile, organizer S. Rogers is excited about the possibilities and the outreach will extended to the entire GLBTQ community and it's allies. The host hotel secured is the La Quinta on Broadway, a Freaky Friday show, Picnic in the Park and that's just the beginning. They tell me that I will get the exclusive info this weekend not to mention I may get in on the act to boot! Stay locked in for all the details, you can't afford to miss out on this years slate.

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