Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Live- Love- Be...Pride Week 08

It's all about the Pride this week at COP:24/7! The events have been planned and are now underway across the city and state. And we will not be outdone, as this forum will roll out video content, updates, event coverage, podcasts, news, info, plus the kitchen sink! So get ready readers, it's going to a dizzying array of content that you will have to stay on point everyday and then some! Here we go...LIVE - LOVE - BE.

LIVE: There's not a day that some sage advice from my parents crosses my mind. Usually my mother always had her "words" for the day, such as "you have only one life to live, because each day ain't no dress rehearsal." I'd look at her with wonderment thinking, "I'm not sure what you're talking about but someday I'll understand it." Trust me, I quickly learned that those words couldn't ring more truer these days. During this week of Pride, don't forget that June 27 is National HIV Testing Day. If you have not had a recent test, then your life could depend on it. Do it today by texting your area code to the KNOW IT campaign, to find out a testing center near you.( see the banner ad below) Locally you can contact the Arkansas AIDS Foundation (http://www.araidsfoundation.org/) or Arkansas Department of Health for more information.

LOVE: One of the pillars of mission statement is empowerment. While I embracing that element to it's fullest, one must also discover that "loving" yourself is essential in creating a total and unique you. This mindset is multi-layered and can be as complex as a setting up your HDMI system. I'm still trying to figure out exactly what cord or whatjamigin goes where, not to mention do I really need any of this to just get a good damn picture? Anyway...in my hectic time spinning life, I have a passion to always be on time and living by the calendar. Well, you do what what you have to do to make it work for you. In the meantime consider, Jensen Atwood, of Noah's Arc fame and most recently on HereTV's Dante's Cove, new 2009 calendar. It's primed to cover a variety of needs on all levels. Conceived and produced by Joseph James and photographed by Jerris Madison via the Men of EROS collection. This 16 month panorama of Jensen is not only beautifully photographed but imaginative, striking and engaging. Yes, I'm willing to share, by offering you a sneak preview with a direct link below ( not the preview icon in the picture), it's worth it. For those of you not in the know, Atwood's character (Wade) is allegedly scheduled to appear in NA's convoluted long form version entitled, "Noah's Arc, Jumpin the Broom." The speculation around release dates, promo material, is it VOD, DVD, LOGO or DTVS( that's direct to video stores) is still up in the air at this posting. But we do know that you can actually get this calendar companion including some limited autographed versions from, http://www.menoferos.com/

BE: BE their is my shout out to readers, supporters, and advocates for the 2nd Annual fund raising gala, "A Star Studded Night" will be held on Friday, June 27, at NWA GLBT Community Center. See http://www.nwapride.org/events.htm for more information.
The PRIDE Parade and Picnic will be held on Saturday, June 28, 2008.
If you would like to attend, some SDC members from Central Arkansas are interested in a car-pool. I've asked some of our eagle eye scouts to capture pictures and check in with us about the festivities. If you have items to share, let's hear from you TODAY!!

BLK Pride in the City: I never know what I'm going to flesh out while I'm in the editing mode of this forum, but I was caught off guard when I surfed up the Little Rock Black Pride committee and it's slate of events scheduled for July 18-20. Themed, "Southern Comfort," there is a host hotel, La Quinta on Broadway, "Freaky Friday" show at Club Good Times, Picnic in Reservoir Park and Awareness Luncheon that's to be announced. Not to mention there own Mr. & Miss Little Rock Black Pride. According to the organizations website,(http://www.litrlerockblackpride.com/ ) they have been in existence for the past 3 years and boast a 501c ( tax exempt) certification. Say What? However, the $64,000 question raised is...If this group has been producing Pride events for the last three years, where has the info and promo material been circulated? Were the organizers asked to table when other local Pride activities were being discussed? Exactly what's going here and why? I've inquired with this outfit and if they respond, you'll find the answers here first! Stay tuned...

Know your HIV status? Text: Your Zip Code to KnowIT or 566948 to find HIV test centers near you www.hivtest.org

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