Monday, June 30, 2008

Everything is Everything Monday...

Let's face it folks, it's been a long week and I know that most of you need a breather, right? Well, of course you do, but as for this forum we forge ahead and stay in the saddle without retreat. As you can see I've been busy behind the curtain, re-tooling and polishing up the place with new graphics, sassy color palate and unveiling our new moniker, "COP: 24/7 ." What's the reason behind this update you ask? Well, people were having a difficult time with our name, because it is a mouth full. Not to mention awkward to remember. Therefore, I've been determined to brand this forum in such a manner that the name would be smart, with an easy recall and overall more marketable. Yesiree..., it's none stop around here and I want to thank all of you who have stayed with me over the course of this year as well as subsequent years. Your encouragement and intrigue into this forum's daily production has kept us "sitting in the big chair," all the while keeping it hot, live and otherwise. However, the bar continues to rise and we need your voices, content contributions, discussion, product and viral support to spread the word that COP:24/7 is truly Arkansas' On Line destination for everything both over and under the rainbow! I appreciate your support and Thank you very much!

Podcast Anyone?: It's coming...our new podcast will arrive in time for Independence day, July 4th. For the record, writing this forum is one thing, but doing a pod is different. Producing this little ditty is a bit more involved and I'm always wanting to get it right the first time out. In other words, there's no rehearsal, it's right out the the box into the digital player from our fabled downtown Mablevale Studios. Even as this post appears, the pod is in the works and you won't want to miss it!

Getting on Board: If you haven't subscribed, then what you waiting for? The subscription box is a handy tool that will keep you in the loop of what's going on in the Tri-State area. It's easy as pie and your info is not sold or used except to alert you to our updates, alerts, events and offers. We need you, you and you too...So subscribe and tell your friends to join you.

And the Winner Is?: I didn't get to hear none of that last year as this fourm put our toe in the Black Weblog Awards. The competition is about as tough as you can get among the people of color bloggers. I hope to venture back into the fray again this year, even though last year I discovered that some bloggers were stuffing the ballot box in their favor. The organizers did disqualify that candidate, yet it seems that there's a groundswell of costal networking among past participants and their loyal fan bases. The awards have several sections in which to compete and I'm determined that our niche can be most favorable in Long Term blog or News/Feature format. As soon as the categories are released, I'll highlight just where we best fit. Until then, I'm starting the campaign to get all of you... Yes, that's you, informed about this contest and our intentions to make a better showing this year. So, get ready to support us come this August 1. When it's time for the balloting to begin, I will need all of Arkansas to come forth and let the coast folks know that we got "blog" game, too!

Pride Montage: Similar to last year's, I'm putting together a video montage of images and pictures from this week's Pride events. If you have pictures you would like to offer, suggest or contribute let's have em. The mash up is tenatively schedule to appear Tuesday, July 1. What can I say, COP: 24/7... a creative force on the move in 2008!

LRBP Update: The info on Southern Comfort- Black Pride 08 came through loud and clear last evening, as organizers outlined an ambitious double weekend plan Starting July 11-13 and 18-20. The pre weekend event will feature the 1st Annual Taste the Rainbow pageant in which the house royalty will be selected. Meanwhile the bookend weekend will offer an all-star national show cast, Pool party at the La Quinta Hotel in downtown Little Rock, Awareness luncheon, and a Saturday picnic in Reservoir Park. The Executve Board also announced that they have inked a 3 year sponsorship deal with ID Lubricants, donor dollars from the International Federation of Black Pride organization and will be electing officers this quarter. On an odd note, I fact checked the IFBP website and noticed that even though the local event is listed, the group has denoted that LRBP is not an official member of it's organization. If you need more info, want to sponsor, be a vendor or compete, reach out an touch them at 501.398.0307. Tell em you heard about it here first.

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