Thursday, March 19, 2009

Which Way is Up?...In search of truthiness

Holy Begeus! Well, let's face it, burning the candle at both ends can be a bit daunting but I'm rising to the occasion. For goodness sake, I wanted to make sure that everyone remembered that I can "speak as well as I can write." Yes, I've heard it again. It goes something like this," Gosh Cornelius, I didn't know you could write in that way, and hey, it made sense too..?" Now really. Of course, I can. Newsflash, I can walk and chew gum too, if I decided. Do you think that I've spent all my life just wearing dresses or something? With all that said, here's some more writing that "makes sense." Gear up, fasten you seat belts and let's go....

Mixed Signals: I've mentioned numerous times about the importance of keeping the content of your site current and timely. I should know, since this forum is Arkansas only daily updating portal for information and this does not happen without some serious effort. Earlier this week I mentioned that AAF spokesperson Yolanda West did a spot on Comcast's local PR program talking about an upcoming event. During the spotlight she mentioned the organizations website as a source of info and outreach. I surfed to the site which does have a blurb about the prayer fundraiser on the front page, but there's many dusty, long past items prominently posted. If West is promoting the site as a reference point, then I suggest that the webmaster get busy and update it. For the record, as a former board member I was an ardent supporter of using the website as a marketing tool and branding mechanism. I'm glad to see the fancy bells and whistles, but the lack of freshness simply send out mixed signals about the organization. If you are going to take to the airwaves to tout your credibility, then make it a total package message.

BailOut Bustas: If you are keeping score, it's Contracted Stupidy: 156 Million, Taxpayers: Screwed. The news cycles have been in overdrive about those mind blowing bonuses that were passed out like hard candy. Unfortunately, the explanations are still wrought with outlandish unbelieveble balderdash. Stop it already! Enter Keith Olbermann, who makes no bones nor minces words about just how he feels about the situation. His passionate commentary about the banking industry was a "in your face" moment that I couldn't stop listening to. His rant among the many ranting about the situation should make you want to keep tabs on what's really going on. If you don't, then you should.

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