Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Thursday 24/7 Catch Up

Are you ever in a "catch up" mode? Perhaps catching up on sleep, projects, chores or gossip? Well, any way, even though I some times fall into that trap, it's not a bad thing. Basically because I can put a lot of eggs in the basket and deliver them in one fell swoop! This posting is such an effort, where there is so much to cover that I go into over drive to get it all out there and directly to you. So, hold on for the Thursday 24/7 Catch up. Let's go...

Gay Men's Health 2009: A few weeks ago, I posted mucho info concerning this years GMHA(Gay Mens Health Agenda) which consisted of detail documents that outlined specific issues that involved the overall well being of SGL men. Unfortunately, after posting that information, I hoped to get some response from readers and supporters, but I wasn't surprised when I got "crickets." No response, no noise, no nothing. Furthermore, as I reviewed the listing of organizations that had signed on to the petition demonstrating their support. I again, wasn't surprise to see that no Arkansas AIDS service organization was listed, not to mention I had not seen any recognition locally or statewide. Even though support for this effort is voluntary, the lack of interest in the effort or promoting the info except from this site was non-existent. Despite the fact that I keep reading that theirs a need for a more vocal POZ chorus. In the meantime, even though AIDS is at the forefront of health concerns, It's the entire body and soul of gay men that should gain more attention. Especially since many POZ individuals are living longer and interacting with many other health dilemmas. What's up health community? What's up end users and stakeholders? There's plenty information for the taking, understanding and using in creating a better quality of life. It's all about getting involved and getting educated, now! The question is, if you don't speak out or up, then no ones going to hear you.

Gay Community Dying?: Are Gay Communities Dying or Just in Transition, was a thought provoking headline that got my attention recently and I felt it warranted my attention. The article posted to the NIH ( National Institutes of Health) website and authored by B. R. Simon Rosser, William West, and Richard Weinmeyer was the end results of a study that used key individuals attending the 8th Annual AIDS Impact Conference held in Marseille, France. The item covered an array of topics that intersect with AIDS prevention messages, urban access, legal ramifications such as civil unions and other structural elements that have caused considerable changes in gay communities world wide. Little Rock can be counted in this transition or paradigm shift where "gay life" as it was once known has morphed into a new generation of social interaction. One conclusive statement that I felt summed up much of article stated, "Societal oppression, lack of rights and the HIV epidemic were noted as powerful reason why gay men came together as a community. With societal acceptance, equal rights and effective HIV treatments, participants questioned whether a gay community would exist, or exist as strongly, in the future. “ This is a powerful outlook and one that may be more apparent than we think. Other items that the article discuss is how many gay people feel isolated, unconnected or removed from the scene. Gay couples that have"integrated" their lives into mainstream living often functioning outside of the "gay community." Ultimately, the immense impact of the "virtual" world that has created a means to gratify their same sex sexual needs vs needing a physical "community." It all seems a bit heady, but it's worth the read as we all try to make sense of what's really going on with this states gay communities now and in the future. Here's the link for your convenience.

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