Monday, March 30, 2009

Manic Monday

Here we go again, as 2009 slip streams us all along into the next month. It's the final days of March and there's still news, updates, commentary, links and yes, plain old stuff that will be making the cut. The weekend is done and it's back to the Big Chair with more of what you should be looking for! Come and get it!!!!

Dangerous Radio: The mike is open as Under the Rainbow, the GLBTQ community radio show is being prepared for it's debut on KABF 88.3 in late April. I attended the first organizing meeting, 3.28.09 at the studios and the vibe was positive among those in attendance. Harold H. and Ari C. offered an agenda which demonstrated the need for such programming and it's impact on the community statewide. KABF is a 100,000 watt community formatted station reaching to most points in the state, which will also allow UTR to be streamed over the Internet and podcasting archives for download. It was tenatively decided that the first show would highlight Rodeo in Rock activities sponsored by the Diamond State Rodeo as well as other TBA segments. "In case you haven't realized it, you are getting ready to do "dangerous" radio, said Chagoya. " it's dangerous because you are accessing media from a different perception and diversity that is missing from the airwaves." I concurred that the GLBTQ community has created a self imposed lock out of the media. There has been a severe lack of any real media or succinct efforts that have had measurable results. I reiterated that COP:24/7 has been putting it down for the last 3 years and in it's present form evolving as the only daily updating GLBTQ outlet in the state. Hughes stated that he was encouraged with the interest and wanted the venture to touch on as many topics as possible. Ranging from health issues to labor issues. The next strategy meeting will take place 3.31.09, 7-9 p.m., 2101 South Main. The show is scheduled to began airing tentatively April 26, 2009. COP:24/7 will be a segment producer and will be soliciting your support. If you've got show ideas, funding streams, possible guest or comments, share it with us today. So what are you waiting for?? Let's go Pride Radio Arkansas!!

Changing Gears: As I produce this forum, I'm simply amazed at the changes that have occurred during it's existence. Initially, I started this medium as The Body Politic with not much fanfare or experience in this new type of expression. At that time, most folks didn't even know what a "blog" was or why anyone wanted to do such a thing. However, I did it and join a legion of other "bloggers" that were covering every topic imaginable. Consequently, there has been a shift with online publishing and I am shifting as well. Included in our bridging to the airwaves, I will be exploring doing some "live blogging," adding presence on other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and others. Come grow with us as this forum continues to "open our minds in 09!" Stay tune, stay locked in and will maintain our Onpoint mission to bring you the latest.

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