Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Flinging

I welcomed Spring last Friday at 6:44 am, just as the weather people cited. It didn't really cause me discomfort since I'm an early riser anyway. When was the last time your alarm clock went off at 4:30 am? As I've grown in maturity, I've totally embraced that "early to bed, early to rise" mantra that the old folks use to talk about when I was still wet behind the years. The silence of the early morning, especailly when using my outdoor office can be quite inspiring as well as energizing. In case you didn't realize it, keeping this forum alive and ticking takes some ass kicking time management. It's for this reason, I'm always shamelessly plugging that we are Arkansas' only daily updating online destination for the GLBTQ community and beyond. Now let's do some flinging...

Rainbow Down Under: A few weeks back, I mentioned that there was a local radio show in the works entitled, Under the Rainbow on 88.3 FM. I got the heads up from Harold Hughes who is spearheading this effort as a community media activist vehicle. During our conversation, he foresaw this venture as a means to further "reconnect" the various factions in this city. I shared with him my enthusiasm and possible participation in programming. I also related that COP:24/7 then known as The Body Politic broke into producing podcast almost three years ago with our premiere, 10.13.06 during Gay History Month. It was a self styled exploration and extension that I posted to this forum with hopes that it would offer more audience appeal. All of our podcast are archived with our online partner EVOCA. Take a listen at to feel our vibe. While putting those together, I sought local collaborators and partners but literally found little to no interest. It didn't matter because I'm not deterred at the lack of joiners on any of my efforts. I just keep putting it out in the market place regardless. Furthermore, I'm excited that Hughes will be offering access to 100,000 watts of FM power with the capabilities of Online streaming. According to released information the first meetings will be held Saturday, March 28, 2009 3-5 PM Tuesday, March 31, 2009 7-9PM 2101 South Main St. Upstairs 2nd Floor. These are scheduled to be need assessments and programming overviews. I was point blank in my assertion that if this venture is to be successful, it will take Benjamin's to make it so. Furthermore, I would love to bridge this forum into that medium and I'm throwing down the gauntlet in search of supporters. If you want to help COP:24/7 produce on Under the Rainbow, I need to hear from you!! O.K. what you waiting for... click the comment icon to share or send us a direct e-mail at For more UTR information contact producer – Harold Hughes: Let's get busy on our media arrival!!!

Fat Flinging: Every day last week, the rhetoric was rampted up to a pitch that was piercing to say the least. I joined the chorus, but tried to keep it real as I wanted to know why this nation keeps shooting itself in the foot with slip shod legislation and down right foolish reactions that seem to keep us embroiled in stifle mode. I was further amazed that everything that I thought I knew seems to keep getting spinned into something that I don't know or made to feel that I will never understand. Enough with the high flying explanations. I got it fellas. Let me take it from here and see how I do...

Toxic Assest: These are items or stuff that was worth something at one time, even though no one seems to know how much, but is now worthless on some one's balance sheet.

Bailout Bustas: Companies that have wrapped themselves in TARP funds, meanwhile continuing to put the screws to their customers across the board. Recently these banks, etc also got another round of funding from the Recovery Act to help stimulate the economy, but apparently no one is quite sure how they are doing it.

Congressional Ourtage Rhetoric: This is the blowback bluster from all those Capitol Hill talking heads who pass legislation without actually reading or understanding the "real " nuts & bolt" of how this crap works or won't work.
Economic Mess: A grand description for the lack of oversight, regulations, controls and just plain old common sense that was recklessly abandoned by those masters of the universe on Wall Street.


rainbowharold said...

Cornelius- thanks for the plug for the radio show. You are right, we need contributors, listeners, and most of all sponsors to make this the bridge-building enterprise this community so badly needs. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

When will you post again ? Been looking forward to this !