Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday March Madness

Now let's get one thing straight. If you live in Arkansas, then get use to the weather because it's gonna do what it do, whether you like it or not. Yeah, it's suppose to be spring, but I was able to sport just a little more leather for that last bit of cold weather affect. I happen to love the briskness of a cool weather that will allow me to make a fashion statement, but like many of you, I'm ready do a spring fashion fling. O.K. In the meantime, COP:24/7 continues pumping it out each and every day in our own fabu way. So, let's not fool around, let's fly with the latest....!!!

Capitol Shutdown: Rep. Bryan King's attempt to dismantle Eurekas DPR( Domestic Partner Registry) was shutout by committee members who did a resounding vote of "NO" then reverted to a truly "diva" attitude and left the room without question. Oh the politics, Oh the drama, and Oh what's going on here? Supporters of the HB 2176 were not amused, stating that this political grandstanding and antics will not go unchallenged. Mr. Jerry Cox of Family Council fame couldn't wait to tell mainstream media (KARK) that this registry was in violation of that dastardly marriage amendment spearheaded by his group and passed a few years ago. I suspect that this may not be over as far they are concerned. You must remember, there's much to Arkansas politics that we may or may not understand. So far, I've found the entire mash up almost jaw dropping as these legislators made a quick exit similar to my last quick change in a tight dressing room. Then, there's the matter of that sour circulated e-blast purportedly from the editor of GNB which caused quite a few to grumble with two snaps in a circle. Apparently that e-mail was long in the tooth on facts and incrediably curt too boot. Even more so with all this behind the scenes wrangling taking place, I couldn't believe that none of these elected officials were prepared to speak to any press. Don't most lawmaker love mugging for the cameras? This action or should I say lack of action set in motion the charges that these legislators did a voice vote so that none of their records will reflect their actual vote on this matter. Whew, the games these folks play as the session wraps up. A big High Five salute to all who shared their opinions with Rep. King, also the Rep. K. Webb (pictured) for being on the scene as well as all allies or supporters. It still takes a village to stop these silly anti-people measure. Until next time....

Is their a Doctor in the House?: Dr. Phil McGraw will be in the house, Monday, April 27, 2009 at 6:00 p.m. in Sturgis Hall of the Clinton Presidential Complex. Dr. Phil McGraw is the host of "Dr. Phil," the second highest rated daytime talk show in America. The show has been making headlines and breaking records since its September 2002 launch, when it garnered the highest ratings of any new syndicated show since the launch of "The Oprah Winfrey Show" 17 years prior. McGraw has become an pop icon appearing in everything from TV commericals to movies. Did you see his word play with Tyler Perry's alter ego Madea, in Madea Goes to Jail? I expect this event to be SRO (standing room only) and early reservations will be the order of the day. I've been to some of the Clinton programming and they fill up fast and I mean fast. I'm not a huge fan of McGraw but I do subcribe to his "Get Real " approach to life's daily interactions. However, I was keeping it real long before the good doctor landed and this forum has always been about openess
To reserve your seats you can do so by emailing or calling 501.683.5239. I just might see your face in the place.

Hathaway Goes Judy!: Academy Award Nominee, Anne Hathaway will stretch her acting chops as she takes on the gayest Icon ever, the immortal Judy Garland. Hathaway will star as Judy Garland in the film and stage adaptations of Gerald Clarke's biography "Get Happy: The Life of Judy Garland," for which The Weinstein Company (TWC) has optioned the film and stage rights. The announcement was made earlier this month by Harvey Weinstein, co-chairman of TWC."Get Happy," based on hundreds of interviews plus Garland's own unfinished and unpublished autobiography, portrays the dramatic highs and lows of the cultural icon's life-- from her tumultuous early years as a child performer to her tragic last days. According to press releases ,"We are thrilled to have the brilliantly talented Anne Hathaway portray stage and screen legend Judy Garland. I have worked with Anne on projects in the past and have known her for many years. She will be a true class act in this challenging role," said Harvey Weinstein. "Gerald Clarke's biography is a fascinating and comprehensive look at Garland's life and is particularly outstanding because of its exclusive details from her own writings. Her story is incredible subject matter for both theatre and film and we look forward to bringing it to audiences." I'm sure that Judy fans are alrady buzzing with anticipation and giddiness as this production gets underway. I've already read a few snippets from Judy Watchers and their are legions of them, who are either happy with the choice of the Prada star or ambivilent. Well, what would you expect. It's so Judy. She said imfamously, that "I never could get over that damn rainbow." "Get Happy: The Life of Judy Garland" was first published by Delta in March 2001.

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