Monday, March 09, 2009

They Went That-a-way!?

Ouch! Whew! Oh my goodness...Arkansas' weather can be exotic and warm, then blue and cold and usually always changing. So you just do, what you have to do to survive. This past week not only did the weather do a number on me, so did a flu bug that took some steam out my sails. Yet, never fear, I've bounced back to keep bringing you the most current updates, links, breaking news and the kitchen sink if needed, here at COP:24/7! I'm ready, so let's get cracking.....

Lion in Winter: A few readers stated that they missed the story on Norman Jones featured in the Style section,(3.1.09) of the Arkansas Democrat. If you are a newspaper subscriber you can access that story through the online archives. If not, you can go to the ArkDem's morgue and check it. Another possible alternative is your local public Library which may archive some editions for a limited time. This forum can't actually print the actual article due to those pesky legal matters and permissions. Therefore, if you want to read it, you may have to hunt for it.

Writing 101: Those of you who read this forum are always inspiring me in one way or another. Just when I think that I've heard it all, then comes another wave of interesting suggestions or opinions about either something I should do, cover, observe, speak out on or write about. One such reader told me that if NK has an interesting life to write about, what about my own memoir. I thought, "have I lived a life that be interesting enough for someone to read about?" Why certainly, they said. Wow, I thought. Come to think of it, I've seen my share of the landscape that's been filled with laughter and tragedy. Perhaps what I could offer would be a "self help" mash up dealing with "keeping it real" issues that we often decide to ignore. It's a thought anyway. I'll open this up to more of you. What type of book do you think that I could write and what should be it's topic. One reader suggested that I do a Kitty Kelly with an unauthorized bio of maybe NK herself. Well, that's certainly interesting too... I'll look to hearing from you!

Bottomless Bears: I've seen the notices and it's coming around again. The DSB ( Diamond State Bears) are promoting their "underwear" party, 3.14.2009. It is slated as a "private" affair but with lots of public notice if you ask me. This is same event that has stirred some conversation, caused contention, fractured friendships and raised a few eyebrows as well. In full disclosure, I've attended this event previously and have posted about the event as well. Yet, there seems to be more intriguing circumstances surrounding this event that have me pondering and speculating. Exactly who and what is the DSB? According to their website they state,"... The Diamond State Bears (DSB) is a gay social group composed of those individuals, and their admirers, who identify with the Bear community. Based in Little Rock Arkansas, the DSB welcomes all Bears from across the state to our membership. Our purpose is to provide an outlet for social interaction for the Bear community in Arkansas. Our established goals are to promote a positive attitude toward the Bear community and establish a social network for fellowship within our state." As I recall on my last visit apparently their are many individuals who identify with this group or either are wannabee bear/cubs in search of a Den of Fun. As I drilled down a bit, there doesn't appear to be a formal structure to speak of. Just a web presence, yahoo group space with a reported 144 members and simple membership requirements of being 21 or over, e-mail addy and a profile on any bear site. Their was only a "contact name" link and nothing much else. Of course anyone can form anyting they want, whether it be a glee club or like minded men socializing in their under gear, but does this full fill the mission of "promoting a positive attitude toward the bear community," or does this fall in the social network fellowship vein? Pounding my head, I kept drilling looking for exactly what does this outfit do and for whom? I can't tell and so far I haven't found anyone else who seems to know or will speak on the record. I saw pictures of a float trip and other assorted pictures that did not really spell out anything except more "fun." So what do we know? They contract for facility use of the DSRA Clubhouse, promote through, word of mouth, execute, someone collects a nice purse and they stealth off until the next time. Well, when you get right down to it, DSB is another strange cog in the gay construct wheel that helps keep things turning until it usefulness runs it's course. We'll keep our ear to the ground, I'm sure there's more to come.

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