Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spin Cycles & Caravans...Add water & More

He's here! He's there! He's the President everywhere! It's Obama time from coast to coast, front and center and in living color. It's the Bouncing "O" Universal Media Blitz as President Obama tells the world or anybody listening about what he's gonna do about the constipated U.S. economy. It's 60 days and counting since his inaugural and the honeymoon is shutting down with a fury. Since the beginning of his administration the ride has gotten extremely bumpy to say the least and the natives are getting restless on just about almost anything you can imagine. Jobs, Taxes, budgets, deficits health care, dueling wars and bailouts are icebergs that may sink the USS USA ocean liner that Mr. O referenced . Thus far, the uncharted course of the economy and all that funny money business from those Wall Street masters of the universe has the ire of main street Americans unilaterally. Meanwhile, those bailout bustas who engineered those massive internal payouts are scattering like roaches, including the infamous AIG actually removing it's name from it conclave. Are they really serious about hiding in plain sight? Every day Mr. Obama is being broadsided from every turn it seems as he tries to straddle outrage and his maintain his level headed exterior in an attempt to be the "persistent" Commander in Chief. The President's insistence in each of his news conferences that not only did he inherit this mash up, but it will take patience to guide the economy back to better times. I never thought in my lifetime that I would be trying to figure out exactly how many zero's represents a Trillion dollars. Yet, the talking heads and murder's row press are pressing Obama and crew with none other than a full tilt assault and we all need some sound answers. In other words what we seek are "just the facts sir, just the facts." Even though I was outraged as the next tax payer, I applaud the Obama administration for it's tenacity, but there's a lot of hate out their and there's lots of work ahead him. Obviously it doesn't matter what side of isle you are own, the waggons are circling for a fight on all fronts. I suspect their will be blood on the floor before it's all said and done. I just hope that he can amass a winning team to snap this nation back into prosperity as swiftly as possible. Good Luck, Mr. President. You're gonna need it. Call me if you want to share, otherwise I'll leave the light on...

Capital Watch: Since I've opened a political vein, let's keep it flowing with a e-blast from a Arkansas Democrat Stonewallers action alert regarding Rep. Bryan King's, anti-gay measure HB 2176, concerning Eureka Springs' Domestic Partner Registry. This week I've found out that he's got company as I alluded too in that post. Joining him are those extremely well organized Family Council folks who are ready to pounce without hesitation on anything Gay. Last week as I outlined the national outrage about Busta Bailouts, this matter was a noted blip on my radar. I had hoped to have at least one comment, blip, chirp, tweet, burp or shout out on that issue or this one. Yet, again, my readers, nothing but "crickets." What's the problem with your voices, cat's got your tongues?" I encouraged readers to send letters to Rep King via his E-addy or land line. I don't know if he got any response and I suspect if he did, it was most likely not noteworthy. The ASD has also requested your vocal action. Please call and/or send your message to the Committee on CITY, COUNTY & LOCAL AFFAIRS - HOUSE members, especially if you are from their districts.
Please send polite, to the point, and varied, messages expressing your OPPOSITION TO HB 2176.
To find the members of the Committee go to

To find your Arkansas Representative go to

Here's my polite, to the point message...

Representative Bryan King,

As our nation has entered an era of change as well as embracing diversity, measures such as your HB 2176 continues to cultivate unnecessary and additional barriers for everyday citizens. I can not agree nor do I believe your assertion that the DPR or any sexual issues have become a focal point within the context of tourism of Eureka Springs. To date I have seen no evidence to support this claim and my visits to the city although connected to Diversity activities are based on the natural beauty of the area as well as the generous hospitality extended from all sectors of the population.

I sense that HB 2176 is being used as another tool at the behest of those wrapped in demagoguery based on religious prejudice bordering on moral fascism and misinformation that ignites ignorance across the board.

Mr. King, I would hope that you would caucus or outreach to those who may be affected by the passage of such a measure in an effort to discover a "teachable moment." I would be willing to help facilitate this or any rational conversation to cease and desist with this legislative move.

In closing, Mr. King, please be advised that your actions will result in a reaction from those who do not subscribe to intolerable and intrusive political pontificating. Thanks for listening.

Cornelius M.

Little Rock, AR

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