Friday, March 20, 2009

The Tipping Point

Has it been a hell of a week or what? Whew? I'm moving into my next level of outrage mode on top of the rest of the outrage that I've felt earlier this week. I don't know about you but this outrage thing can be all consuming and at times fills me with a rush of satisfaction. However, I still think that the Americans are not stepping to the plate unlike French citizens whom have literally taken it to the streets with flames in tow. Even Mother Earth spewed some ash and smoke outrage in the far east oceans. Obviously, around the world there's a lot of rage that swirling just beneath our collective consciousness that may pushing us all slowly over the tipping point. As as all this madness continues to reveal itself, this forum will push ahead with the latest updates, commentary, links and yes, more outrage for your reading pleasure. Let's Go...

Under the Crown: Spring has delivered another pageant season and the dress borrowing is in full affect! Saturday, 3.22.09, at Jester's in Hot Springs, the Miss US of A system goes to spa city in search of it's next prelim winner as Miss Hot Springs US of A. In case you've been left out of the loop, the USA promoters have been busy with mashing up prelims like mushrooms. I spoke to owner Lance P. who let me know that he's been in overdrive with all things pageant." I'm almost exhausted with a full time 8-5 and doing weekend drag numbers!." he quipped. "We got at least three contestants for the state competition and it should be a good show." he concluded. From my understanding, apparently one of those contestants will be former MGA, Dominique Sanchez, who has com The Hot Springs show will feature some power stars such as Miss Gay Arkansas US of A, Lexi DeMornay, Michael Lanning, Mr. US of A at Large 2008, Whitney Paige, Miss US of A 2007 and Brittney Paige.
I just might make the trek to see who's wearing the latest fashions of some one else. Stay tuned...

Boot Scooting 2009: Rodeo in the Rock is a month away according press from, the Diamond State Rodeo Assn. which will be hosting the Rodeo April 17, 18, 19Th. The blurb that I got stated that the Rodeo will be held at Little Rock's Barton Coliseum. But after a "fact check" I discoverd that it's actually the Equestrian Center, 2600 Howard Street on the fair grounds. This was not the first misinformation that I've been privy too concerning the event. I noticed earlier that more bad info circulated about hotel accomodations which was later updated and corrected. As I've said before, putting together these productions can be taxing and time consuming. Hats off to those organizers who are rising to the occasion for the effort. For more info click it to for details and advance ticket availability. Local entertainers can volunteer to perfrom as the organization expects folks from the Mid-South, Oklahoma and other areas. I've been to this event and it's a nice change of pace even though I have not met many single cowpokes who are working the circut. However, Spread the word and lets get our community out for this event.

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