Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Just Over the Hump

I'm just about over the head cold thing. I've had it folks. I can only sneeze, hack or cough a bit more before I'm calling in the big guns, the physician. Hopefully, I'm on the down side and I can get back into full form and on point. Daylight savings time is now in full affect and I can smell a spring fling 0n the horizon. It's coming, warm weather, sun worshipers and sunglasses! Oh joy! In the meantime, we will keep it flowing like a waterfall....let it flow!

Busta Bailouts: Are you at a boiling point yet with all the bailout BS that's happening in this nation. I've just about had it with the flawed splanin, " see what had happen was?" and I don't know what happened drivel that those smartest folks in the room keep serving up. Also, I've tired of being reminded by the Obama spin machine that "this was inherited." We all know that and now we want to get this party started right. However, just as the stimulus train pulls out of the station, it seems that their are some extra earmark cabooses attached.
Arkansas is waiting with baited breathe for every stimulus morsel that will fall from the heavens and we all should be watching as the purportedly 2.1 Billion rolls home. The Governor's office is poised to set up a website for transparency and oversight due out this week. Once it's up and running, you can bet we will have a link posted.

Gayinthe Rock Mates: To my surprise as I was running my update thought process, I noticed that "GAY In The Rock" has mated, merged, sub-leased, partnered or what have you with another online source, The site is sorta under-reconstruction with the mission of bringing you the best dating around and finding you the love you need. So What's Love got to do with it? It appears to me that most are in search of some quick relief or unattached boot knocking.
Otherwise it seems that everyone is looking for someone inside a gigabyte of information. Whatever happen to putting on your best jeans, looking good and feeling gorgeous and saying, HELLO, I'm Mr. Right. The owners of GITR are certainly welcomed to find their best business fit, but goodness sake is the art of finding someone without a keyboard simply lost forever. No wonder the bars are not doing a lot of business because it seems that the patrons are at home crying in the beer into computer screen. Never mind me. If it works for you then so be it. But, If I need to find another Mr. Right, I certainly hope that I can master it the old fashion way with conversation and chemistry. Well, it looks like we are still the only daily updating portal for news and current affairs. Everyone else wants to hook you up some how or some way. Be careful out their people, remember, "buyer beware." Otherwise, happy hunting.

Noah's Arc Broom: Finally, I got to see the Noah's Arc movie after hearing so much about it last year and from others who got DVD's and such. My source, NEXTFLIX dropped a copy in my mailbox, just in time for some much needed R&R. I had read many reviews, snippets and watched a few trailers, but I laid in wait for the final cut. My verdict, well, it was good. All the notable characters returned from the LOGO show and the production provided a vehicle for a tidy ending to the saga of long suffering screenwriter, Noah(Daryl Stephens) and his mysterious beau, Wade(Jensen Atwood) who decide to take it to the next level by getting married on Martha's Vineyard. The film sorta plodded along a bit, but step it up with some comic relief from Alex( Rodney Chester) who I bet would make a dead ringer for Hattie McDaniel in drag. There are all kinds of sub-plots, lots of bed hopping, shagging, flesh shots and other assorted going's on the carry you through all the melodramatic moments. Consequently we arrive at the ultimate wedding scene, with those well written, but rather lengthy wedding vows. O.K. it's over. I've seen it and actually I'm done with it. Noah's Arc was a great blip on the television radar that had a loyal audience and following. However, it's all about the numbers and the film grossed only $532,878 domestically with a release in only 9 , yes count em, NINE theaters. What's up with that? How could this film find an audience when it was being choked hold and cut off at the knees. MILK from Focus films could be seen in over 882 theaters with a gross so far of 31 Million. Then, there's the Tyler Perry/ Madea franchise trouncing the competition with a staggering 41 Million domestic haul in wide release and still counting.
I'm glad that Creator & Director Patrik Polk was able to see this to fruition, but the naysayers will opt to state that this type of material is not mass marketable. It doesn't make the Brokeback means test, because most folks can't imagine two Black SGL men in a romantic comedy. It's so unfortunate because this film gave everything it could to set that mindset a drift. Yet, it's simply not to be. If you haven't had a chance to see Noah's Arc,( it's theatrical run only lasted 8 weeks) It's available on DVD from NETFLIXS or purchase everywhere. It was great afternoon to see a movie that was about complex loving relationships and not body counts. See it, you'll like it.

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