Monday, September 28, 2009

Up Periscope Monday

It's a fast start out of the gate and how. No time to mutter, stutter or gaff, just more of what we've become known for, "what's really going on." So, here we go!

Rockin Youth: Little Rock resident Devon Bearden, has been selected by the nationally known Trevor Project to serve on its Youth Advisory Council. The Youth Advisory Council (YAC) serves as a liaison between youth nationwide and The Trevor Project, as it relates to young people and the issues surrounding suicide, sexuality and gender identity. The YAC submits recommendations to The Trevor Project in an effort to increase Trevor visibility and best serve the LGBTQ youth population. The YAC is a program of the Trevor Project comprised of 18 young people ages 16-24, that advise the organization on outreach and programmatic efforts targeted at LGBTQ youth. Participants in the YAC have the unique opportunity to have their voices and opinions heard and implemented into the strategies of a national organization. Devon has been a longtime advocate for the LGBTQ community of Arkansas. She established and helped lead the Gay Straight Alliance at Central High School, worked in the legislature to oppose SB 959 the bill that would have banned lesbians and gays from adopting or fostering children, worked to oppose Act 1 and is a founding member of CAR's youth/young adult program DYSC - Diverse Youth for Social Change. Devon is the recipient of the Colin Higgin Youth of Courage Award and the ACLU's Champion of Liberty Award. For more info on The Trevor Project hit the web at

BAR WATCH: Oh the Bar wars or is it? Well, not quite as I surveyed the scene this last weekend on both sides of the river. Let's just say that there are shots across the bow but no direct hits as yet. Going north to Sidestracks, I have to speculate as to what's going here? Where are the folks that populated this haunt and why does it seem that the crowd is sorta stunted in growth. Although it's great to have that "Cheers" feeling that everyone knows your name, but seeing the same stone faces with the same mundane conversations is becoming a bit much for myself. Of course, the bar has done it's best with cookouts, theme nights, etc but it's the lack of energy that's off putting. Also I've learned from fellow patrons of the departure of bartender "Hank." I spoke with last week this gent just last week, and at that time he didn't mention his impending boot scoot or I detected any disenchantment. However, this is not a surprise since all the local venues have comings and goings galore. Too many for this forum to even keep up with. In the meantime, the 7th Street Corridor continues with it's entertainment offerings and such. Co-Show director, Whitney Paige is not packing them in, but she's giving it her all each outing with her supporting cast of featured locals. Speaking of packing them in, Pulse/Off Center is not as bustling as I thought it would, especially due it's freshness. I've put my face and dollars in the place regularly over the last few weeks noticing the turnout is not quite the armpit to asshole crowd of yesteryear's. Even though there's no cover for the 21 and up folks, a cute "package deal" with a reduce cover at the BS Complex and a $3 Beer free for all on Sunday's. O.K. So where's the party? From the word on the street, It was floated to me that the proposed club SWAY being helmed by Mr. Marcus is suppose to be in play by October 31. Oh Really, I thought? Can this actually take place in say, 30 days including renovations, staffing and incidentals. Well, it's either going to be a great "treat" or a massive trick. Stay tuned if you dare....until next time keep it locked and loaded to COP:24/7!

Barth Online: I'm out and about not only in the nightlife, but in search of cerebellum stuff as well. Last Saturday, I participated in the Society of Professional Journalist's Blogger Academy. Who Knew? It was an exercise in what it takes to do this thing that I do and learning about the legalities involved. I went with an open mind, but was somewhat delighted to know that CorneliusOnpoint is not only "onpoint" but as far as this academy, way out front ! Yes, my readers this media piece is banging it just like the big boys and girls. All the bells and whistles that they mentioned and didn't mention, this blog has done em and done them again as the only daily updating LGBTQ outlet in the state. In case you didn't know, we've had video, podcasting, cutting graphics, platforms and links. We've done it people! Organizers were taken aback when they discovered that I was in the house and been putting it down for 5 years! Now, for that "mmmmm" moment, I noticed that presenter, Scott Miller of the Argenta website had a shot of "Sidetracks" on it's page and also an ad for Senate Candidate Jay Barth. Well, I found this quite interesting since I ran across Mr. Barth at another outing last week, and I thoroughly mentioned this forum. But during that conversation, I didn't get no nod that perhaps he would be interested in "advertising" on this page which is always open to revenue supporters and advertisers. So what's up with that? Well, we'll have to do some outreach to find out the skinny. Ad's anyone? Let's talk...

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