Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Twistin and Turning Tuesday

Do you ever have that"how do I do it all," feeling lately? Or perhaps a mindset that it's all too, too much to handle. Well of course you do and so do I. But somehow I rise to the occasion and kick my butt into gear with that "get er done" attitude. That's how this forum rolls out with daily updates and current items for the GLBTQ community and beyond. Now hear this! we are here, loud and clear, so don't miss our special carrying on as well as on point entries. Let's go get it shall we...

Q-Visions Rising: O.K. it's not that I have nothing to do at my hectic pace of life. However, I just keep the fire burning with more coal on the burner. Enter my latest undertaking as a Co- Editor of the National Association of Black and White Men Together newsletter entitled, Q-Visions. Formerly known for 29 years as The Quarterly, the venerable publication was in need of an upgrade, overhaul and refreshed for the 21st century. As a contributor and board member, I was tapped for the my creative force and expertise in publishing most notably since I keep this forum pumping daily. It's going to be an interesting pursuit that will allow me an opportunity to continuing informing, empowering and entertaining readers from coast to coast!

No Excuses Arkansas: Here's an update on the No Excuses challenge from the Human Rights Campaign Fund for local GLBTQ community members to "reach out" to the Capitol Hill Representatives( Lincoln, Synder,) who were on the home turf during a recess. I got the e-mail bounced from another source, but immediately set it motion to get the word out about the effort. Also I used that grass root call to action to also promote the Gay 101 micro-workshop I facilitated for a Brotha & Sista's community capacity weekend. I was glad to know that there was some participation. Also, I knew that only COP:24/7 would be the primary local source to acknowledge what transpired. I contacted HRC's No Excuses organizer, Jake M for the update and discovered that indeed there was a meeting with a "staffer," which is the typical means that this type of meeting takes. Yet, in the coverage from HRC, I also noticed that there were "no names" attached to the photos on their site. Say what? Anyway, I've sent word to Michael Cole, HRC's communications director about this oversight for some splainin. As soon as we get a shout out, those pictures will make the cut, hopefully with the names of those prideful folks talking out loud to power while demanding equality face to face.

Brotha to Brotha: Statistically it's been highly publicized that HIV/AIDS is barnstorming throughout the African American community especially among Black men across the board. However, there still seems to be a struggle to get out prevention messages, not to mention individuals into any treatment course. So, what's going on you ask? It's up to whom you ask. To date, there's been outreach but it's all about the "reach back" from those whom need to be apprised of these messages. I sent a shout out to the new coordinator of Many Men, Many Voices concerning their Afro-centric messages, but I got NO message in return. Hello, Is anyone home? There was testing done during Little Rock Black Prides event last summer, and other programming either done or scheduled. But despite these moves the stats are still spiking and alarming percentages reported. As budget axes falls, waiting list take shape, cost containment loom large, I hope that those consumers, stakeholders, those in denial or untested see or get the message that this health dilemma is still with us. Get Educated, Get Informed and Get Tested. Keep it locked and loaded here at COP:24/7!

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