Thursday, September 17, 2009

This & That-a-way Thursday

October Is GLBT History Month
Modeled after Black, Hispanic heritage and Women’s History Months, GLBT History Month highlights annually the achievements of 31 gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender Icons—one each day—with a free video, bio, bibliography, downloadable images and other resources. COP:24/7 for the last four years has offered the widget on this site in celebration of this event. It is a community service from us as another means to enlighten and empower our readership. Look for the widget and get ready for some fun and games with prizes. Do you recognize any of this trailblazers?

P-Flag Commeth: The inaugural event for P-Flag Little Rock, a space for the families and friends of LGBTQ Arkansans to find/share support, information and like minded advocates will step off Friday, September 18, 2009 6:30pm 800 Scott St., Little Rock, inside First Presbyterian Church. Are you the parent or friend of a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer child/person? Are you struggling with them, with yourself? Are you hurting, is your child or friend hurting? Maybe you want to have more information or meet other parents and share stories? Perhaps you want to help other families heal or you want to be an advocate to increase the quality of life and access to equality for your LGBTQ children or friends. If so, then come and check out the new P-Flag chapter; a safe and loving space. For more information (501) 244-9690 or email mailto:%20pflaglr@gmail.comLittle Rock P-Flag is sponsored and supported by the Center for Artistic Revolution, CAR.

Hola Heritage: Arkansas is composed of many people of unique and diverse ethnicity, which are accompanied by rich cultural traditions which have included many people of color. This month we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month as I've notice a growing number of our Latino brothers and sister making their way into the GLBT construct. Hispanic Heritage Month is a period designated to recognize the contributions of Hispanic Americans to the United States. It was first observed in 1968 under President Lyndon B. Johnson. Always remember that "none of us are free, until all of us are free..." Dont' forget to the Politics of Hello!

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