Tuesday, September 15, 2009

JackPot Fever, Me & U

Cha Ching? Lotto fever is in slow spin that's going to go hog wild shortly as Arkansas joins the "jackpot fever," that's soaring to heights. It's coming out of the shoot later this month and I have no doubts that the GLBTQ community will be on board for the buying frenzy for the "chance" for untold riches. Yeah right. In the meantime, I'll buy a ticket for history's sake when they go on sale, but will keep it real by staying on point right here. With all that said, then let's get this off the ground...

Cha Ching Ching: Even as the Arkansas Scholarship Lotto begins "second after midnight" on 9.28.09, I've heard quite a stir among some in the LGBTQ community whom are poised to go "lady Ga Ga" for the scratch off tickets and the impending Powerball game to later this year. I've been quite amused at folks whom are ready to dispense dollars like ATM machines in hopes of getting rich quick. According to news releases, organizers hope that the first night of sales with resemble an adult "Harry Potter type frenzy." I also found it quite ironic that the ticket pallets found a home in a Southwest Little Rock warehouse which sit in a part of the city that has many no-income/ low-income residents who will most likely be first in line with a fist full of cash. One such 63 year old individual, whom doesn't have a retirement account or any substantial savings to speak of, told me that he planned to play as often as he could. "I 'm just so excited that maybe if I win, some of my dreams could come true." All I could think was, "Wow! Dreams come true on the odds of winning the lottery?" I guess everyone is entitled to their optimism and dole out those supposedly disposable dollars as they wish, but I personally could find more realistic returns on say perhaps, a 401K plan, Savings Bonds, Money Market accounts or even one of those now low rate CD's. Believe it or not, and I had to be hit in the head to understand that I could participate in all of these at my current earnings rate. Who knew that I could have a Stock Broker/financial planner for the simple asking. Even though I'm expressing moderation in this activity, I decided that this forum will post a Lotto gadget on this forum to stay on the cutting edge of what's really going on. Ladies and Gents, even as the games began, don't loose sight that playing the "real games" of life such as this type of planning will ultimately make you a winner. Until then, play as you wish but keep it real!!

CBO Revenue Streams: On the flip side of the Lotto Fever that's beginning it's swirl in the LGBTQ community,what more perplexing is the fact that many local community based organizations advocating human rights issues apparently are suffering revenue shortfalls and could use a cash infusion. I've mentioned all to often the many fundraisers that are being held for area groups, entertainers and organizations, which often garner marginal receipts as well as low attendance. Throughout this year organizers of fundraising events have cited that the lack of community participation has impacted their service opportunities and growth. Such events held by the Arkansas AIDS Foundation, have been so unsupported that I often wonder why they continue to execute these no money makers. Earlier this year, we learned that Capital Pride could not raise the necessary funding needed for the announced Riverfront Pride 2009. Former Board members spoke of internal personality wrangling, resignations, lack of foresight, and the inability to secure any local underwriters for the event. Here at COP:24/7 our own ChipIn gadget has sat deadpanned without one dollar being donated, even though this forum came full throttle to this year's Pride Picnic, with hopes of continuing the momentum through installing the funding gadget. Due to this lack of interest, the gadget will be removed for now as we continue to pondering the future of this forum as well. And now, the Coming Out Picnic slated for October is seeking donations, volunteers and in-kind gifts in order to make it a success. Hey you guys, before you get caught up in the Lotto Fever, think about sharing some of those dollars with area organizations that could use the support. It's vitally important and I said it more than once that this community must consider the directions of our internal revenue streams. You may not choose to ChipIn here, but take a moment to think about dropping a dollar with the charity of your choice. You haven't heard the last of this issue from these pages. If you've got observations, challenges, rebuttals or options, then light is always on here for your comments.

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