Monday, September 07, 2009

Busting a Monday Move

So Long Summer, hello September as we prepare for turning leaves and perhaps turning stomachs with all that's churning around the world. Let's see, Congress comes slithers back to Capitol Hill, folks are seeing "Red" in the Obama administration, Ryan White/ ADAP Mash-up's, break-up's, break-outs and the whole damn nine yards. We are still here, coming live and uninterrupted from cyberspace. As prepare to celebrate year 5, yeah it's five long years of nothing more that what you've been looking for and more! CorneliusOnpoint, on the beat and out of the box. Let's get this thing off the ground shall we....

God, Gays & U: There are many outlets around the city that offer spiritual gatherings and spaces to share with the universe. Believe it or not, there are many in the GLBTQ community that find solace in there faith which often comforts them through the daily trials and tribulations of life. I have my personal "Jesus" that I have confided with during high tides and low points. I don't wear it on my sleeve per say, but as I need that special strength, I know how to access it for every occasion. The subject of religion and gays has been ripe for fodder from a variety of groups that have used the bible as a weapon, especially those who vent the thoughts of "kill Gays for God." The tone of the rhetoric can be awfully nauseating and beyond outrageous or rational. I've included the following info as a resource for your informational arsenal as well as general purpose. I hope that you find it useful and don't forget to pass it on, when you tell em you heard about it here first at COP 24/7! Give us you feedback in our comment section.

HRC’s Religion & Faith Program has released the completed “Out In Scripture” collection. For the past three years, week-by-week, the program provided conversations on Bible passages from more than 100 scholars and pastors representing 11 denominations. These conversations are now available in a complete collection online at
“This unique collection showcases the extraordinary momentum we’re seeing by people of faith committed to LGBT equality,” said Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese. “Through this resource we are helping to assure that no one will again have to choose between who they are and what they believe.”
“Over the years my spiritual life and preaching has been transformed by ‘Out In Scripture,’” said Harry Knox, Director of HRC’s Religion and Faith Program. “This is one of our signature projects. As editor Sidney Fowler said, ‘The Bible is not about beating you up, but lifting us all up. It includes the seeds of liberation and justice.’ Be prepared to be transformed as well.”
The collection includes 175 conversations that span Bible readings organized according to the Revised Common Lectionary. The lectionary is used by numerous Christian denominations.

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