Friday, September 04, 2009

On Point & Off The Hook Friday

We are all enjoying the last of Summer 2009 which has been swathed in both hot and mild days, lately cool Full Moon evenings and folks speculating about the impending coming of fall 2009. Where just has 2009 gone, well it's been fast and furious to say the least. So much has happened and at this point anything is possible with the rest of the year coming at us all with a fury. In the meantime, we're still here and fierce for the GLBTQ community and beyond.

Barwatch: Over the last few weeks, I've posted, mentioned, cajoled, speculated and just about any other descriptive manner about the local bar scene. Also, I said that I would get the details down for a Thursday post, but I had to recover from it all in order to make sense of if all. With that said, PULSE came on line in a soft opening on Tuesday and a grand opening on Wednesday evening. And yes, COP:24/7 was in the house on both nights for the festivities. Tuesday's pre-opener featured many of the usual suspects and supporters that I expected to see at an event such as this. Entering through the club's foyer into a swanky seating area, onlookers spilled into the area since the staging area was somewhat at capacity. Unfortunately, their was a pesky sound system problem that cause me not to hear the remarks from owner, NK, but that problem was corrected by Wednesday's opening night. Moving through the space, I came upon a very nice buffet line that was available with many tasty treats put together handsomely by long term associate, Ken Brown. My partner said that he particularly liked the chicken salad croissants and mini quiches. Full bar beverages were available in the club itself, piano bar and a mini-remote beer station near the patio. If you recall and most likely you don't, after I heard that NK & crew would be securing this spot, I stated that it would eventually become another show spot. Wednesday night's grand opener allowed my prediction to unfold as newly installed co-show directors, Whitney Paige (pictured) & Breanna Braxton hit the stage in full affect after an opening production number. Paiges massive red fabric costume was impressive during her interpretation of Whitney Houston's latest, "I didn't know my own strength (which has been featured on our jukebox) and Million Dollar Bill. Showstopper Dominique Sanchez danced to Donna's Summer's Live version of Last Dance underneath a micro light show of swirling multi colored lights and laser pin points. Also featured were dancers positioned on the bar and a tattooed beefcake shaking his groove thing in a "cage" mock up just off the stage area. All this was commanded from the elevated DJ booth over the staging area that's ripe for pageantry prospects to come in the near future if you ask me. Although the dimensions of the the lounge is small by the Disco/Back standards, it makes for a more clubby cabaret feel, with dancing in the middle space of the black tiled floor. Faces in the place included newly crowned Mr. Gay Arkansas US of A, Jeff, Drew Pritt, Miranda M., B& S's Miss D and friend, former Pink Spectrum publishers, Shon DeArmon & James, Raven St. James & Jim, Former Miss Gay Arkansas, Stephanie Richards, Tione Iman, Miss Charnay, Mr. Harry B. and Miss Ozarks FFI, M. Blake. The MIA (Missing in Action) list could be considered a varied and interesting mix as I circulated among the guest. I didn't recall seeing the current Miss Gay Arkansas, Christina Saxton, no FedUp Queers seemed to be in the house or those claiming as such, no elected officials ( Is Mrs. Hendrix's here?) or candidates, nor did this affair seem to strike a chord with many of the other local entities that I bet money might be calling come fundraising time. Ladies and Gents, it's officially open to public (18 & Up) with a major Labor Day throw down and will be open on Sunday's! You can find it at 307 West 7th Street in Downtown Little Rock!
G-Zones & U: As a social commentator as well as observer, I've never bee shy about the erotica element of the SGL community nor it's subcultures or extremes. It's no secret that "sex" is certainly apart of the mix and as sexual beings the variety of desires ranged from the closeted discreet to the bold exhibitionist who parades like a peacock. Believe me I've seen just about all of it and probably then some. However, in this age of "playing safe," and dealing with more severe strains of STD's, this forum has partnered with GVU, (Gay Video Universe) an online portal for Adult video's and products. It's very obvious that in this area, there is a healthy appetite for encounters of all sorts with under gear parties, KKF's better known as "Knock Knock Fucks," and like minded gentlemen gathering for Big City/ Big Boy entertainment. Here's the fact. There's nothing wrong with this type of activity, creativity or outlet if those adults involved are consenting and well aware of their actions or consequences. Unfortunately, there are no Men's Spas commonly known as Bath Houses in this area where men can meet, greet and get physical all at the same time. I've been to such entities across the country and they have their usefulness depending on who you ask. The closet source would be either Dallas or the STL, but if you don't want to travel to get that experience, I was intrigued by a handy Adult product called a Flesh Jack. According to the info, you can get what you need solo or perhaps a group effort in a circle jack event. It's all up to your imagination and stimulation factor. The item can be obtained via our CD Universe link found in the margin which also has other adult products for your consideration. And yes, there are items for Women as well. Further to my surprise, you can actually personally design this item as I found on another website. Therefore, playing safe can go to different levels depending on how much you want to ante up for staying up for the cause. Remember good sex can be safe sex! Hit our icon Do it today!

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