Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Taking it to the Streets...COP on the Move

It's another COP24/7 roll out and I'm scratching my head with that just where do I began feeling. If the worlds not going to hell in a hand basket, then exactly what the hell is going on. As the news cycles keep it all in our faces whether you want it or not. it's almost just too much to take. Some day's I wonder, is this really what's going on someplace on the planet. Answer, you betcha and then some. With that said, then let's dive in head first for more of what you expect from this forum and maybe not. Are you ready, then let's go...
Dollars & Sense: Last month, this forum was on the forefront of the forthcoming news from the Arkansas Health Department concerning changes to the Ryan White Program and ADAP. That news was cited as apart of the interview with Kevin Dedner, HIV/AIDS section Chief, whom stated that their would be substantial changes that would find some being removed and "re-assisted" with access to meds or services. Some of the first letters have been circulated to clients and this forum has it ear to ground for reaction. Although this forum offered a two part series on the subject as a part of our ongoing HIV/AIDS coverage, there was no substantive comments sent to these pages after our items were posted. Unfortunately and perhaps sadly, I don't expect that this news will set off any noticeable response throughout the community as it should. In our post, I cited that this type of complacency and aloofness to issues affecting this community has created an impression of a mostly "muted" citizenry with limited structure or capabilities to mobilize. If this is not the case, then where are the voices of those end users with questions, concerns and proposals. There is an actual Consumer's Round table which is in need of committed volunteers from all sectors of this health dilemma awaiting your valuable input. This outlet has always been open and ready for dialogue, yet it's only me and the crickets chirping here. If this is the beginning, then where will these budgets cuts eventually lead. Could you be next, a friend, partner or neighbor? Only time will tell...stay tuned.

GP 101: Don't forget that you can get a snapshot of Gay Politics 101, (8 pm) Thursday, 9.10.09 at The Women's Project, 2224 South Main in Downtown Little Rock. It's our ongoing determination to stay locked in with various community groups and NPO's. "What you don't Know, can hurt you," will be an overview of rainbow political landscape and what you can do to get connected. It's sponsored as apart of Brotha's & Sista's Triple Play Community Building Week. Need more info, hit us up in the comment section.

Facebook Outreach: Thank you and You too for the "friend" outreach on the Facebook networking site. COP 24/7 can be found on a variety of social networking listservs and platforms such as Myspace and Yahoo groups. I appreciate those shout outs which hopefully will also bring all of you to this site for more of what you are looking for! It's a digital world and CorneliusOnpoint is positioning itself be on the cutting edge, while either meeting you their or beating you their.
CHIPIn: The icon continues to stand idle. This pay pal supported portal has been designed to easily handle any and all donations for Pride Picnic 2010. You can show your support ranging from $1.00 to that special platinum donation. Here's some challenges to get things interesting: (1) This forum will match the first single $100.00 pledge in honor of our upcoming Anniversary. (2) The first 5 people donating $20 or more by the end of this weeks Triple Play Community Building event will be special guest at our Anniversary VIP party.
(3) The first person to donate in the next 48 hours and can answer this challenge question: When did this forum first appear and what was it's title. Will receive a special gift from our prize closet. Get busy, TODAY!

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Anonymous said...

I truly would like to thank you for Gay Politics 101 and all the other support you give to Brothas & Sistas Living With Affected By. I am still a bit shocked at the turn-out considering what is at stake right now in the Gay community concerning AIDS funding on every level. As you know, our efforts are in decreasing the disparages and normalizing the disease. Apathy by the majority of stake holders will continue to make the effort more difficult. The methods and the methodology of the past have obviously not been sufficient in combatting institutional policies and procedures that result shortfalls affecting those in need. And now when the hammer is coming down, we find only two or three finding an arena to get information. This makes the battle hard. There is a level of concern also on why everyone looks to the institutions for something that really is a life threatening situation. Where is the contingency plan? IT'S YOUR LIFE!!!! I don't need HIV meds but you can rest assured I have perscription assistance paperwork. We work an average of 50 hours a week trying to build a community that knows that they belong to something bigger than themselves and don't take home minimum wage. And it doesn't feel bad when when you know your efforts are not in vain.
You managed to get my mind off of attendance when you began the section that I now will call, "The Politics of Hello." It is really time that we say hello again to each other. It is time for us to be concerned with the answer from the "How yah doin & whatcha doin?" questions. Our own daily sound bites need real answers.


P.S. Sorry if I rambled.