Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Queer Frontiers & Windmills in the Natural State

Gosh Almighty, the long days have morphed into early nights right before my eyes before I seemed to be ready. However, it's that yearly swing that prepares us for those cool evenings proceeding those possibly long winter nights with fire pits and cozy cuddling. In the meantime, as we await all of that to come, it's onward and upward with this outing of COP:24/7 bringing you the latest of "what's really going on" in the LGBTQ community and beyond. And away we go!

CorneliusOnPoint Celebrates year 5 in Cyberspace

Yes it was September 19, 2004, when I began this exercise, stepping off into a new medium that I didn't know what to make of it. What would I "blog" about? Who would read it and why? How long would I be interested in doing this "blogging" thing and what exactly is this thing that I do anyway. Well, 5 years and some 100,000 words later, here I am, out here on my own in Arkansas putting it down for the LGBTQ community and beyond. As I compose this I'm sentimental and circumspect about it all. Especially from the standpoint that others have come and gone during my existence, all the while this forum somehow has become recognized as a "gatekeeper" of information and updates. I'm always glad to hear from people whom state this piece has become apart of their daily routine. It's been fullfilling to know that we've been picked up by individuals living in Star City, Jonesboro, Warren, Maumelle, North Little Rock, Pine Bluff, Camden and points in Northwest Arkansas. Not mention all those national and international hits from the global village. I thank you all for coming along for this grand experiment in media. In preparation for today's entry, I surfed through the archives that revealed just how much news, tidbits, rants and what have you has been chronicled in this format. Also, that this entity was the first and only Arkansas LGBTQ blogsite that embraced video using YouTube and Podcasting via Evoca while marking our presence on MySpace, Facebook and numerous web rings. If it warranted attention I made every attempt to get it posted or updated as soon as possible. The issue of the first Arkansas ADAP waiting list was posted here and surprisingly news concerning HIV/ AIDS funding again was posted here in 2009. Political moves and mayhem such as Presidential election cycles, Eurerka's DPR, Act 1, Pride events and rallies at the State Capitol have been covered. Ultimately, I discovered that I've created a snapshot of this communities movement and the impact that resulted. This forum began as "Talking Out Loud," then became "The Body Politic and subsequently moved to it's savvy latest moniker, "CorneliusOnpoint," with the kicker COP:24/7 . The style of this forum has ebbed and flowed, but basically I've tried to walk the line while simply "staying on point." For posterity sake, I'm including the first actual post from 2004 where it all began as well as proclaiming that it's been a great fun, sometimes tiring, often filled with uncertainty and hopefully useful for our smart readers and observers. We've grown over the years and as new ventures, challenges and prospects come our way, I'll be updating each of you on the future of CorneliusOnpoint. Stay locked and loaded until then!....

September, 19, 2004: "The Silence is Over. Cornelius starts Talking Out Loud"

Our world has changed so dramatically over the last decade. We have been thoroughly challenged by both national and global activities of such a magnitude that I could no longer sit in silence. The 21st centuries new tech advances have made it so simple that I could not resist joining those voices online via their web logs and the formidable landscape of "blogging." My comments will have a Arkansas homefront flavor, however,how could one not have some take on the national big tent of madness that we call the United States of America. I'm excited and simply in awe of the possiabilites that this new medium has in allowing an "every man" town square atmosphere that emphasizes that we all take a reality check. Stay tuned and let's get this party started. Welcome to my world!

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Arky Brian said...

Happy post Birthday/Anniversary. Always enjoy reading your antics. Thanks for your contribution to our community. If Ms. Manchester can make it to BackStreet on 10-4-09 for the AAF annual Thanksgiving Holiday Show I sure would love to see her.