Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday Frame-Out

All this week I've been in a reflective mode, looking back through the archives, reminiscing in melancholy about what this forum has meant to myself, the events we've highlighted, perhaps those teachable moments that transpired and the ultmately fate of COP:24/7. Ladies and Gents, and all those who haven't decided, here's our latest as we "Frame-Out" what's really going on in Central city and beyond...

Calling All Arkansas: I usually try to stay in check with the four corners of this state, although it's "like pulling teeth." if you want to know. Keeping this forum refreshed and updated is a task that I don't take litely, because we've presented ourselves as Arkansas' only daily updating blogsite and so far, it's a fact. However, in my search for news beyond the state's core, I've simply not found a fountainhead of info. Case in point, I noticed that the NWA Community Center's website has been "disabled," for reasons that I have yet to uncover. I sent out a "what's up" inquiry to a related e-mail, which bounced like a bad date. I thought perhaps that I had the addy wrong or links were broken, but no matter-No Info. I've shouted out to those university campus groups such "Gay and Lesbian Association this or that" which also have to reply, update or offer insights as to gay campus life. I checked the Arkansas Gay News Buerau, for it's latest and greatest. Only to discover that it's was a stale, dated item concerning another Diversity road trip to Eurkea. So, where's the news, information, updates and working parts, well, the pickings is slim to none. Yes, that's right, it's apparent that the communication lines of Arkansas's GLBTQ community are idle until someone sounds the proverbial "circle the waggons! they're coming to get us," alarm when things start to buzz on Ernestines switchboard. It's unfortunate that this state has been unable to develop, sustain, maintain and outright support a true media entity. In case you didn't know, many have come and gone from The Gayzette ,The Advisor and Pink Spectrum to name a few. As the world of media has transformed, it's unsettling that despite this shift it hasn't changed the mindset of this community in demanding a news source tailored to our issues. And so it goes... One Ringy Dingy at a time or not. If you've got news, updates, hook-ups or smoke signals, let's hear it.

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