Friday, September 18, 2009

The Weekend Gateway

The Weekend Gateway is filled with random thoughts this outing. All this week this forum has been exploring money issues within the GLBTQ community and beyond. What have we learned? Well, thanks for asking...and the answer is that "we've got to keep talking" about this vital life line that's affecting all of us no matter our segment or sub culture. From HIV/AIDS consumers, businesses to community based organizations, the fight for finding the necessary dollars to fuel our prospective camps will have a severe impact unilaterally.

CHIPIn Vamps: Due to the lack of interest and disregard for our challenges, the ChipIn gadget which appeared in the margin since late June has been edited. The icon was designed as a mechanism to funnel funds via Pay pal for Pride 2010. It was at the behest of those whom stated that they enjoyed this years offering and wanted to contribute to next years activities. However, after continuing promotions, challenges and prompts, not a single dollar was "chipped in." That's Zero, na-na, nothing, goose eggs, double naught and so on and so forth. What happen to all of those who expressed their die heart support for the effort and wanted to give something? Well, apparently it was "lip service" of the non-gratis type. You know the drill from those who entertain delusions of grandeur. And so it goes...

Dustin Dollars: Supporters of AG Dustin Mc Daniel will be holding a re-election reception funder, 9.24.09, 5-6:30 p.m. 2200 Broadway in the Q-Quarter. Mc Daniel, according to an e-blast from the Stonewall Democrats, "has been very receptive to the GLBT community, being the first constitutional officer to oppose Act 1, and publicly supporting civil unions during his last campaign." During that election cycle he came under many attacks from his opponent regarding his stance. COP: 24/7 endorsed his candidacy and has cited Mc Daniel for many of his high profile decisions affecting Arkansans across the board. Campaign Contributions limited to $2000 per person or corporation per election. if unable to attend, please mail contributions to: PO Box 251368, Little Rock, AR 72225

Anniversary COP: 5 years and still flopping? Yes, CorneliusOnpoint is rapidly approaching it's 5th Anniversary as Arkansas only daily updating GLBTQ blogsite. So what does one do for a 5th anything? Well, as Executive Producer I've decided that I'll put it up for discussion from the readership. To date I'm in the process of assessing what will be the future of this effort. It't been rolling full force and perhaps it's time for us to go out on top of our game. What say ye? How should we celebrate this milestone or due to the economic times, we should send up some virtual balloons and call it a day. The floor is open, the lights are on and I'm waiting with baited breathe, but not holding my breathe for the dialogue.

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