Monday, October 10, 2011

COP 24/7 Rising to the Beat

Several years ago, I stated that "hear comes the that sound again." What sound you ask, it's the political drum beat and sounds of campaigns grinding their wheels forward with messages, sound bytes and spinned dogma that is filling the airwaves some 14 months prior to election day. Meanwhile, there's other churning going on with those folks "Occupying" cities across the nation including some planned event this weekend in Little Rock. Ladies and Gents, people are talking and I gather that its about to get loud. No matter the volume, COP 24/7 will be their to meet them toe to toe as we continue to update you on the who, what, when and whatever is going on. Are you ready...let's go get em....!

The Name Game

After some six and half years the north shore haunt, Sidetracks has been notified by some legal folks of another out of state entity that they must cease and desist with using the name, "Sidetracks," for their business. Of course, when I first heard this little nugget of info, I thought is this some more misinformation that gets circulated out of bounds. Well, NO. It's fact as recounted by management wished shared some of the details and the fact that as a business they must re-name and re-brand their entire operation. Furthermore, with that re-group they are not allowed to use any incarnation of their former selves. Otherwise, no mention of anything "side or tracks" in any combination according to the bigwigs making this trademark power play. As I further learned, management doesn't have a moment to waste in getting er done because it seems that time is of the essence, so they will need to deal with it with a quickness. May I suggest that they do a trademark search before they decide in order not to find themselves caught up in another name game paradox. Let's see, there's some catchy names that might be up for grabs. How about "Corner Pocket," "Badlands," The Detour," "Road House," or  "Saddle Tramps." Whatever the new christened name shall be, it will still be the place that almost everybody knows your name. When that new name rolls out, COP 24/7 hopes to have it first, so stay tuned!

Politically Speaking: What's the 411??

Since I mentioned that we are about 14 months out in the election cycle, I noticed that my inbox has been getting a steady flow of "all things political" information. Including info from the national entity, Stonewall Democrats which send alerts, updates, position statements and those all important "ask" e-mails seeking donations. Arkansas has a sub-chapter of the group designed to serve as the "LGBTQ Caucus" of Arkansas' Democratic Party and has recently been active with several activities which unfortunately I could not attend. I applaud their efforts to become more active especially as we  enter the impending "thunder dome" of politics to come in 2012. What I find most important is the fact that states are suppose to set a numeric goal for 2012 delegates attending the convention in Charlotte. As an individual who was among the thimble full of "out" candidates attempting to be a 2008 delegate, my experience was a learning curve to say the least. I navigated the system as best I could without any real mentor. Even though I attended local Stonewall meetings, made my intentions known and paid my own filing fees, I got little to no guidance from the group. Furthermore, no follow up on that experience or perhaps any direction as to how to better prepared next outing. Just so I'm clear, being a delegate to the convention comes at "your own expense." In other words it's up to you to make it happen including those aforementioned fees and travel. Even though the national entity cited that states have set numeric "goals" for 2012, unless their has been some change this wasn't the case for Arkansas. Also, if we are to have viable delegates then their now needs to be in place a mechanism to educate as well as financial support developed to assist them in the process. It's all going down in Charlotte next year and while I was their last week I saw that the city is preparing for the event across the board. The NSD 2012 convention is also taking place their prior to the National Democratic Convention in September under the management of CEO Stephen Kerrigan who is also openly gay.(pictured)  Therefore, I hope that Arkansas' Stonewall Democrats are considering putting together a delegate "boot camp" with both their national connections and local allies as well. Meanwhile discovering funding streams to support possible delegates. We're are going to be in for the fight to the bitter end as this Billion Dollar battle royale rolls out.

Networking in the City

Friday, October 14, 7 pm -until, LaQuinta Inn & Suites, 617 Broadway Street, 2nd floor conference room will be the site of the Welcome to Little Rock Mixer kicking off the Fall 2011 Midland/NABWMT weekend in Little Rock. Organizers have been busy with last mintue details and canvassing the city with invites. The event is open to everyone as we celebrate diversity and untiy in the state. A portion of $5.00 donation will be offset to support the services and advocacy mission of the organization. For more information or volunteer opportunities contact:

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Craig Wenzl said...

Here in San Francisco there's a gay bar called Badlands (in the Castro) and also one called "Trax" (in the Haight). I thought this was common (to see similar bar names in different cities). I can't believe that anyone has made an issue of Sidetracks in North Little Rock using the name "Sidetracks." It's unfortunate that someone has blocked the name so that other establishments can't use it in other non-competing cities.