Friday, October 28, 2011

Fastball Friday

The Human Rights Campaign's website is a full service portal of organizational information, links, call to actions, and viola,Video's. COP 24/7 always in search of "trending" for our readership, continues to discover the latest means of sharing vital messages. Unfortunately Arkansas has elected to deny the LGBTQ community any chance of marriage equality, It's important to know that there are still allies who are taking a stance on the issue no matter what's happening in each state respectively. I don't get to catch the MoNique show often, but this Academy Award Winning actor is a powerful voice in dealing with a range of social justice issues on her television show and personal appearances. Of course each of you can make your own You Tube videos to share your thoughts with COP 24/7. We would love to host a week full of home grown statements of what's on your agenda for the LGBTQ community and beyond. Put those web cams to use and get us some video responses to share with the community.  Do it today!

Chasing Cornelius 2.0

I don't seek any pity for being me. I've taken the position that my life is not all about the destination, it's about the journey. A journey that I've shared with your dear readers in this forum and numerous activities beyond. Many of you who interact with me often refer to "that thing that you do" while often being amazed that sometimes I do it in the public eye. However, as I reach back through my memory bank I realized that I've been public for some time and it looks like there's no turning back now. For myself each day breaks with something new, something that I had not considered, a new way of viewing matters or defining/redefining all things "Cornelius." Recently I was discovered by non other than the "NAACP," after all these years! I couldn't believe that I had received a what, "membership invite." Really NAACP, it took this organization all of 30 years to decide that maybe I might want to be a member of this long standing group. After reading the "welcome" info, I had to chuckle to think perhaps since they have become a more "gay friendly" organization with a declining membership, maybe just maybe I was finally being let in on a technicality. How could have the NAACP not discovered me before now, since I have been of the "colored" persuasion for as far as I can remember. Not to mention that I been involved in all types of civil and human rights issues with other groups and organizations, but apparently even though I attended local meetings, my participation wasn't noteworthy until now when they need a membership infusion. Well, I guess it's good to finally be noticed. Speaking of being noticed, just as I had that nuance NAACP moment that as I continued to look through the mail stack that I saw an invite from non other than the National Riffle Association! WTF is going on with the mail today I muttered. Is everybody needing members these days? Of course this piece surely warranted me to open to find out what does an NRA member get for that membership. Well, along with the satisfaction of your right to bear arms provision, there's a membership card, subscription to newsletters, $5,000 accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage at No Charge? Plus some additional insurance called ArmsCare to cover you choice of weapon from theft, damage or loss. There are other membership levels that have other perks for your choosing. But ultimately the leadership of the NRA wants to know that they are with you and got your back. As a valued member they've arranged "member discounts" on everything from Hearing Aids to Hotel accommodations at Super 8, Knights Inn or Wyndham property! What a deal. Alright, enough was enough and I had to place that invite into the "file 13" basket while I moved on the more important stuff like say, Mr. Visa, MasterCharge or Mistah AMX. Stay locked and loaded as I'm sure that we'll have more folks Chasing Cornelius. 

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