Monday, October 03, 2011

COP 24/7 Moving and Groovin into Fall

COP 24/7 keeps moving and grooving into fall with this post as we take a fast look at much that has been  crossing the radar as we criss cross the country. Yes, its double duty this week as hit the ground running in Charlotte, North Carolina, but still keeping you plugged into the latest news, updates, views, observations and whatever makes the cut! It's COP 24/7 staying hot, live and otherwise......

Raising CAIN

Being in the future home of the Democratic National Convention, Charlotte North Carolina couldn't be more ironic with the recent comments from GOP contender Herman "I like keeping my Bible and Gun close," Cain. The former Godfather Pizza exec who has pulled out two recent "straw poll" wins stated last week that his "folk" and I guess he means "me" although I'm not sure, have been "brain washed," concerning democratic doctrine and or dogma. Cain went on to assert that these "folks" will not allow themselves to consider the conservative position due to this mind melt that they've been experiencing over the years. Really Mr. Cain? "Brain washed?" What a choice of words you choose when describing this segment of the electorate. I believe and if anyone could sense a "brain washing' in action I know that what has transpired over the years is the fact that Republican" positions and policies have not favored most if not all of the African American community. Its not about conservative anything but rather a systematic approach to stymie program streams that have been apart of safety nets and outlets that have supported enpowerment opportunities across the board in the African American community. For the most part, many within the African American community are rather "conservative" in their thinking  and often believe that "folks" should live within their means, however, embrace the concept that government can and should have a positive impact in their lives. I don't purport to speak for all "Black" folk but there's no hate for government, instead the
Black community seeks to discover "win-win" partnerships that will meet common goals.  Meanwhile Cain has weighed in on the latest brouhaha from Rick "don't mess with Texas" Perry's recent revelation that his family owned property that had rock signage citing the hunting grounds using the nefarious "N" word in the title. Even though Cain waxed on that he wanted to when the wording had been addressed by Perry and acknowledged the lackluster response by other GOP candidates, it seems that Cain himself was berated for attacking their "own," as he tried to offer opinion and comments. So if Cain can't talk about the "N" word situation without rebuff, then who is zooming who when it comes to the GOP spin machine. Is this a "brainwash" attempt by the GOP that those hearing the story were not really hearing what they thought they heard? Wow, what a tangled web these politico's weave for an supposedly unsuspecting public. Note to Cain: "Moma told me not to listen to everything some body's got to say because a whole lot of times they are not really saying nothing to be listened too." Bring it on Cain, let the games begin....

AIDS in Arkansas
Advocates On the Road Again

The conveining of AIDS United in Charlotte North Carolina kicked off today with fast tracked agendas filled with updates, overviews, legislative reveiws and its centerpiece of formatting a Communication stratergy for ASO's , CBO's and NGO's. Its the proverbial think tank in action with key presenters from AIDS Chicago, Julie Davids and Jim Merrell, along with AIDS United's Donna Crews and Ronald Johnson as well as a schedule of other presenters on numerous topics. At the core of the conveining is formatting a strategic communication plan both from the those attending the event and a take away portion that local organizations can use in their respective communities. As a grantee, Arkansas' The Living Affected Corporation was invited to attend and participate in learning more components and modules concerning creating "messages" and defining target audiences from a capacity building angle. Throughout the 3 day event, pathways will be offered to participants to understand the metrics of audience, crafting "smart charts," and learn from their own successess and best practices. Other highlights will center around the Obama administration's National HIV AIDS Stratgey, health care reform, Southern REACH Intiative and Kaiser Family Foundation's Greater than AIDS Campaign. For more information on LACorp click:

LGBTQ History Month 2011

It's that time again! LGBTQ History Month has arrived courtsey of The Equality Forum and their complete array of downloads, embeds, ideas and listings that is an open source for local groups to access for use. How much easier can it be to put together your own mini or maxi celebration of those who have blazed trails on behalf of the gay community and beyond. So, if you want stuff to get started or at least make yourself aware of it, then go to  Anybody celebrating? If so, tell us all about it, send some pictures or share your stories!!!

NABWMT in Little Rock

The National Association of Black and White Men Together, Inc will be hosting their Fall Midland and national board meeting October 14-16, La Quinta Inn & Suites 617 South Broadway in Downtown Little Rock. The weekend event will kick off with a Welcome to Little Rock Mixer, Friday, October 14 at 7p.m. Music, cocktail buffet, and networking will be highlighted by a City of Little Rock recognition delivered by city board liasion, Mr. Frederick Gentry. Part of the proceeds from the event will benefit local community based organization, The Living Affected Corporation. The organization addresses health dispairites in marginalized communities and seeks to create a holistic approach to dealing with HIV/AIDS in Arkansas. Regisgtration for the weekend of activities which will include local sightseeing, reception and Sunday Brunch can be obtained at  For more information or volunteer opportunities contact: nealix101@comcast   The NABWMT website is available at:


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