Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday Dash

Billboard's A- Go- Go

Jefferson Comprehensive Care System, Inc. (JCCSI) is a non-profit community health center that provides health care services. On behalf of JCCSI, I am writing to request your participation in an upcoming HIV/AIDS Billboard Campaign in central and southeast Arkansas. The theme for this campaign will be twofold: 1)Uniting to Prevent HIV/AIDS and 2) Uniting to Link Patients to Care. Our purpose is to raise HIV/AIDS Awareness, promote free testing and link HIV positive patients to care. The campaign will run during the month of December to coincide with World AIDS Day. We are targeting two primary groups through primary and secondary prevention: 1) persons unaware of their HIV positive status and 2) persons living with HIV who are out of care. Because of your work in the community, you and your organization have been identified to participate in the HIV/AIDS Billboard Campaign. Contingent upon the number of organizations who agree to participate in this collaborative project, the cost will be distributed among each organization with your company logo. This billboard campaign is a small part of the change were we can work together to decrease the number of new cases and increase the number of persons living with HIV to get into care. To discuss this campaign in further detail, please contact, or phone at 501-663-7166 by Friday, October 21, 2011.  Together, we can build a bridge for a brighter tomorrow.

Health Watch
The Medicaid Dilemma

Medicaid. The program that seems to always be in the news with both its fraud and fattening impact on the medical system is apart of the Affordable Health Care train that has left the station with a destination unknown. On the local front, advocates and activist are studying, assessing, ;discussing and disciphering just how it will unfold come 2014 as many will be available to access the system. Its a situation that is evolving and COP 24/7 will do it's best to keep up what really going on when exchanges intersect at Medicaid boulevard. In the meantime, check out this slew of items surrounding Medicaid that taking place across the land. Stay tuned...

Politico reports that despite its health reform efforts, Massachusetts is having trouble getting the federal government to issue a waiver for Medicaid programs. The Wall Street Journal reports on the growing needs in New York.

Politico: Medicaid Waiver Entangled In Safety Net In Massachusetts

The extension of the Medicaid waiver that allows Massachusetts to operate its landmark health care reform has hit a roadblock over funding for "safety net" providers, who are facing a growing demand for care even though the state's coverage expansion was supposed to limit their burden of caring for the poor (Millman, 10/11).
The Wall Street Journal: N.Y. Medicaid Rolls Reach 5 Million

For New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and state policy makers, it's a milestone that comes with mixed blessings: five million New Yorkers on Medicaid. If New York hasn't already eclipsed the mark this month, it's nearly certain that the Medicaid program will get its five-millionth New Yorker this year, experts said. In August, there were 4,963,000 people enrolled in the government program for the poor and disabled (Gershman, 10/12).

Kansas Health Institute: Kansas Attorney General Announces $300,440 In Medicaid Recoveries

Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt today announced that Kansas has recovered $300,440 as part of nationwide Medicaid settlements. The settlements are with three pharmaceutical companies that improperly charged Medicaid for off-label uses of anti-epilepsy drugs, according according to a release from Schmidt's office (10/11).

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