Wednesday, October 26, 2011

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The COP 24/7 In-Box topped 375 e-mails this week with every type of message, advertisement, alert, campaign begs and all manner of information overload. What can we say, it's a digital data dump that we are still plowing through. In the meantime, as we sift and sort all this stuff, there were quite a few items that reached out and got our attention to share with our readers. So without any more small talk, let's go with it...

The Little Rock Water Flush

We take having an abundance of water oh so for granted. It keeps flowing out of those faucets, fountains and flow heads almost magically without any thoughts that there may only be so much of this living giving substance to go around. And we are all are gulity of not thinking that the very water that we use each day is actually a precious resource that we really need to consider conserving. In a recent article in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette(11.23.11) the issue of Central Arkansas' Water's Water Wise program cited that the utility was now offering free irrigation audits as well as other informational tools to help endusers understand their usage. According to the utility since 2010 they have been offering a disconted rate to consumers using less than 2,300 gallons a month. Meanwhile, the utility has added a 30 percent surcharge to residential and sprinkler accounts who are using a whopping 25,000 gallons of water a month. Wow! Even more surprising was the attitude that those who are keeping those lawns"oh so green" didn't seemed to be bothered or even actually concerned that even though Central Arkansas has an abundance of water, their "water footprint" should not be called into question. Really? Even though our reservoirs and watersheds are abundant at this time, do these folks believe that having a disregard for our resources for the sake of winning "Yard of the Month" is being responsible to the planet. If they only could realize that reports that "884 Million people lack access to safe water supplies; aproximately one in eight." Also,"the UN estimates that by 2025, forty eight nations, with a combined population of 2.8 Billion, will face a freshwater "scarity" or "stress" And finally for those who just don't have a clue about water usage should understand that even those five minute showers uses more water than a typical person in a developing country slum uses in a whole day. Think about it and turn off those sprinklers during peak periods and discover ways to conserve. Just because its here today, doesn't mean that it will be here always. Check out for facts, resources and links.

Train the Trainer for CAR’s Safe Schools Program

November 19, 2011
12pm-3pm CAR offices
800 Scott St. (inside First Presbyterian)
Little Rock

CAR is working to reach out to every school district in the state in an effort to increase their cultural competency regarding their LGBTQ students, parents and co-workers. In an effort to significantly increase our ability to reach more of these schools in a shorter time span we are conducting this training.

If you are interested in participating in this program or need more information please call 501-244-9690 or email

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