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Uncut and Untamed COP 24/7

As much as possible COP 24/7 offers updates, breaking news, opinions and observations that we recieve and post without much editing or slicing and dicing. We make every attempt to allow those who share their info to let their "words" speak for themselves. Of course, if contributors suggest that we edit or alter, we take the liberty to do so. But usually we present it in the manner that it's submitted, always acknowledging that it's in a "sic" format, which means that's the way they wrote it. So with that said, lets go to the boards for the latest...

AIDS Walking in Central City 2011
This item fell into our in-box and the message sent seemed to be a "SOS" for this effort which we found interesting:

"Reminder you about the AIDS WALK 2011 it is less than 30 days away if you do not want to donate on line you can send a donation by mail to Bill Holt Arkansas AIDS Foundation 523 S. Louisiana St. Suite 217 Little Rock, Ar. 72201. Made the donation to Arkansas AIDS Foundation and down on the memo it is for the Branches of Life walk team. And you could donate at the day of the walk Nov. 5, 2011 at the River Market District here in Little Rock. Reg. starts at 10:30 the walk begin at noon so please come and support the AIDS FOUNDATION. We need to have more PWA’S (peoples living with AIDS) and the gay community at the walk this year I could counts on two hands how may was there last year. Peoples we need to stand up for our self and PWA’S we are doing this for you more money we raise more we can help those in needs. There be something new at the walk this year there be a Tree of Life you can buy red ribbons and put names of PWA’S that gone before us we can not do the balloons release anymore so this is taking the place of that. My advocate group I started here at AIDS FOUNDATION is doing this so please come and support the AIDS FOUNDATION and my walk team Branches of Life. Thank you Bill Holt volunteer HIV tester, leader of both advocate group and walk team."

This forum was amazed as we did some fact checking to learn that indeed there was a lackluster turn out for last years event and from some indications this year isn't faring any better. COP 24/7 has paticipated in past events which left us somewhat bewildered and dismissed as organizers failed to acknowledge our contributions or support. However, our encouragement for other's to participate has never waivered and again this year we are asking our readers to get busy organizing teams, making pledges or volunteering in some capacity. Why are their litterally thousands in the streets for a breast cancer walk and this event gains only a tea cup of participants. It's been stated previously that planning events takes severe planning and publicity in this community. Also the Arkansas AIDS Foundation in itself may have to accept some responsibility for the low response to this event. If AAF wants to reach people, then that organization has to make a more aggressive attempt to outreach as well as be more engaging to possible donors or sponsors. It's understandable in this age of reduced staffing, lack of volunteers and other funding that groups find themselves without strategies or development processes. Even then with all the gadgets, gizmos and digital wizardry that exist they somehow don't get the message. COP 24/7 does it ever loving best to get the info out their and tries to share it across our platforms. Let's not forget that HIV/AIDS has not gone away and every dollar counts. All monies raised this year will go to the Arkansas AIDS Foundation’s newly designed MAPS program (Medical Assistance Program Services). This program is a privately funded source, which is designed to help people with HIV/AIDS, who were discharged from being able to acquire medical services from other sources because their income levels were over $21,660 annually, even though most had no type of medical insurance and no place to turn for medical assistance. These medical services include, but not limited to: Physician’s visits, Laboratory work and payments of life sustaining medications and/or co-pays for these meds monthly. A Wine and Cheese Reception, 11.5.11 will support the event featuring a silent auction at the Rogers House, 410 W 18th. Tickets are $20.  Call 376.6299 for more info.

Healthy Halloween Extravaganza

From Arkansas Black Pride Program Manager: Kevin Holmes

 In our efforts to address the HIV/AIDS and STD epidemic in the state of Arkansas, I’m proud to announce that Little Rock Black Pride will be hosting a Costume party!!!!! As you know many people celebrate Halloween in a big way. We thought, why not bring health into the picture and have a healthy, safe, and fun alternative. It is free to public. There will be free HIV testing going on. There will be a $10 gift card given to the first 60 people tested. This is a grown folks affair so u must be 21 and up to enter. If you’re not in costume you will have to donate money!!!!!!! Call 501-612-3361 for more info.

Laquinta Inn & Suites Downtown

617 South Broadway, Little Rock, AR 72201
Sunday, October 30 at 6:00pm - October 31 at 12:00am
The Arkansas Department of Health will be offering free HIV testing. If you would like to assist with testing, please contact me as soon as possible. Testing hours will be from 7:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m. 

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