Friday, October 07, 2011

Octoberfeasting 2011

Brats, Knockwurst and Beer, Oh MY! It must be time for celebating Octoberfest in the U.S. of A. Alright it's not Bavaria, but in Little Rock, Arkansas ( Sidetracks Lounge 10.8.2011) which will do what it can to make the event just as tasty as its counterpart in Germany. While we prepare for that mash up, we will continue to roll out what's really going in the LGBTQ community and beyond. So shall we...

NABWMT Comes to the Rock

You know it doesn't matter how many times you think that you've explained it, clearly outlined it or dissected just what you are trying to promote, it seems that there's always the need to say it again. As you may have notice, COP 24/7 was on the road earlier this week in Charlotte, North Carolina attending the AIDS United event featuring non other than a "strategic communication" session addressing discovering your audience while crafting your message. Wow, how timely, yet again!!! For those who preceive that attending conferences is some sort of "jet set" lifestyle, how mistaken you are my friends. All of these pursuits are fast paced, information overload and productivity driven events that smack you up side the head and then sends your ass home with skills, tools and capacities to make it whatever you are doing happen. Therefore those snazzy sessions delivered from the AIDS Foundation of Chicago are now at play as we alert the area to first ever Regional Midland/NABWMT board meeting taking place next Friday in this city. So what is NABWMT? Its The National Association of Black and White Men Together, Inc. This 30 year old entity was designed to engage the issues or racism, sexism, homophobia, HIV/AIDS in communities and lives personally. The starkness of its title, NABWMT was also designed to assert that all of our issues are not just in a "black and white" context but rather spans the range from "darkness to light." If we don't discuss what affects us it leaves us in a realm of "darkness" but when we discover common ground rooted in effective responses we bring "light" to these dilemmas with hopeful outcomes. Although we celebrate healthy multi-cultural relatioinships it is no membership requirement or attendance requisite for events. Its not about who date or love but the right to love whoever and however you desire. Everyone is welcomed as we celebrate diveristy, unity and empowerment. So are we clear yet? Check us out October 14 for our Welcome to Little Rock Mixer, 7 pm- until La Quinta Inn 617 South Broadway in Downtown Little Rock. $5.00 donation for cocktail buffet, music, fun, networking and greetings our out town guest. Need more?: contact  (picture insert: NABWMT/ Fall Midland in Oklahoma City, OK 2010)

From the Random Thought file

Usually COP 24/7 makes every attempt not to take bitchy route but every now and then it's just be's that way. Life isn't perfect as most of us should know but there are some days when you just get ticked off by what comes your way. So what's got me in my feelings, well let's just say I've tired of those are "talking out loud and not saying much."  I don't know if its just me or have you noticed that many folks and many times "gay folks" take the time to down right and out right lie to your face. Why is this?  Hey you guys, what's with the lying games? Is the truth not in you?  From my vantage point, if you are involved in a task, event, issue or what have you then shouldn't you do what you say you are going to do? SO instead you just "lie" your way out of your responsibility because in actuality you never was going to do damn thing in the first place. Is this pushing any buttons with anybody?  This matter didn't use to bother me as it has begun to do so. I've come to accept the fact that as we age, our bullshit meters can be set off with a quickness and reaction can be devastating to those who bring these insipid excuses. For those attempting to fund raise, event organize or do daily due dilligence to their organizations or causes just don't have the time or patience for this maddness. The daily grind of "making it happen" or at least forging a path to keep things afloat is hard enough but when you add in the "lying" factor, it takes dealing with the masses to another level. As I've interacted with much of the LGBTQ set, Yet I continue to see this behavior on a rampant scale. It appears to be everywhere with folks making all types of promises to deliver this or that, only to get more "lip service" when challenged. Enough already! If you say you are going to do it, then damn it be a man or woman about it and make it so. On the flip side, if you don't intend to do a damn thing, then shut up and stay on the porch where you belong. Out of the way of those who are taking the initiative to forge change as they attempt to make the world a better place. Believe it or not, each of us are the change that we want to see happen. But, if you are going to lie about your involvement in that action then by all means don't bother. Because we are busy otherwise.  If there are those of you who got the goods and want to step to the plate, let's hear from you today. There are numerous organizations across this state that need your voices, volunteerism, and dollars to create those possibilities. Note to readers: it takes all of us to make it a reality!!  


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