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The Tuesday Take Down

Even though a fall nip is in the air, COP 24/7 can still feel the glow of  each sunny day which lights the pathway for this forum to continue to put it all out their and then some. Each week is filled with news cycles that range from "Aha" moments to the obsurd. I never know just what's coming for me or what will fall into ye ole e-box. No matter, we're here to be the news source for Arkansas' LGBTQ community and beyond. Yall come get it!....

AIDS in Arkansas
Convening in Charlotte NC

AIDS United has been committed to funding grantees for the Southern REACH initiative allowing various community based organizations, AIDS service organizations and non-governmental organization offering wide array of services ranging from advocacy education to client centered platforms in the battle of dealing with HIV/AIDS in southern communities. Arkansas' The Living Affected Corporation, Inc is the official AU grantee which was awarded funding for its Care Paradox Elimination project. Under the leadership of CEO Diedra Levi, the organization is slated to impact legislators who are apathetic to the HIV/AIDS health dilemma by touching their emotions while navigating political agendas. LA Corp has also been instrumental in leading the Arkansas HIV Community Advocates Coalition (AHCAC) in establishing advocacy structure and determining agendas which resonate to constituents who are living and or affected by HIV/AIDS. A book of stories from stakeholders as well as a reference guide is being completed using support from the grantor. The guide is scheduled to be released in late 2011 and book in first quarter 2012. 

 AIDS United expanded its response in the South in 2007 with Southern REACH (Regional Expansion of Access and Capacity to Address HIV/AIDS), an initiative providing grant resources and technical support for broadening and strengthening community capacity to address HIV/AIDS for marginalized, at-risk, and under served populations in nine targeted Southern states: Alabama, Arkansas, Northern Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. This has been achieved through investments in the operations and programming of strategically positioned community based organizations (CBOs) that have the demonstrated ability to: reach priority populations with HIV prevention and care services; or lead policy and advocacy efforts that will have an impact on priority populations. At the end of 2009, NAF had awarded a total of approximately $2.7 million in resources to Southern REACH grantees.

The 2010-11 grant awards integrated two grant making initiatives that have focused on HIV/AIDS in the nation’s Southern region – Gulf Coast HIV/AIDS Relief Fund and Southern REACH. The combined funding pool reflects the commitment of AIDS United and the Ford Foundation to streamline and expand investment in and to have significant impact on HIV/AIDS public policy and advocacy in the South.
The 2011-2012 grant awards support the development of programs that seek to achieve social change, shape responsible HIV/AIDS public policy, and/or respond to the underlying legal, political, and systemic barriers contributing to disproportionate rates of HIV/AIDS in the Southern United States. For more information concerning LA Corp check out their website: http://www.livingaffected.org/  or AIDS United at http://www.aidsunited.org/

Calendar WATCH

There are plenty of meetings and organizing taking place in the greater Little Rock area and statewide. If you have a passion, interest or desire to become apart of the change that you wish to see, then make your presence known with the local group or organization that catches your eye.

Oct 11th, 1pm CDT, HIV 101, Host: Jane Dalugdugan

Pre-register at: https://cc.readytalk.com/cc/schedule/display.do?udc=l3hvzyvmkfch

Sponsor: Asian & Pacific Islander Wellness Center

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Oct 13, Thursday:

CAB, Consumer Advisory Board, teleconference call: 11am-noon

1-866-217-3840 code 0024764#

Mark H, host

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Oct 13th, Thursday:

Subject: Transgender Cultural Competency Training

When: Thursday, October 13, 2011 9:00 AM-4:00 PM Central Time (US & Canada).

Where: Cox Building 3rd Floor – River Market; Across from the Library’s parking lot.

We are planning to host a Transgender Cultural Competency Training along with Minority Health. I wanted to allow you time to save the date if you are interested.

Please RSVP me if you are interested in attending because seating is limited.
The Living Affected Corporation is seeking Board of Director candidates. If you would like to assist this organization with dealing with sexual health in marginalized communities, share your resume today at http://www.livingaffected.org/

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