Friday, October 21, 2011

The Friday Mash UP

Is it really already the third week of October and those damn holiday's are back again right around the corner? Well apparently yes and COP 24/7 is in full swing as we continue to bust it out on a daily basis to bring you the latest LGBTQ news and beyond. It's all here and if we don't have it, we can get it and get back to you. Never fear, COP 24/7 is here! Are you ready? Alright let's go in head first....

Debit Me Crazy: Fees come to your debit card

Say it ain't so!! But unfortuantely those dastardly bank folks who just won't stop finding ways to "nickle and dime" their customers to death are at it again. With passing of federal regulations that would cap some fees that banks would have to be subject too have decided that this legislation needed to be offset with the institution of "fees" for using your debit card. These fees range from $3.00 to $5.00 for using your debit card. Often these charges are being put out their by those major banks such as Bank of Ameirca and such who appear to have no clue that the American public is at the "enough is enough" point. Not to mention that these banks have millions of dollars stuck in reserves while attempting to legally "rip off" off their customers with reoccuring fees that don't appear to be necessary. At this point my bank, Arvest is not joining the fray but I'm watching every turn of this tactic to double dip into the consumers pocket. If you look closely, your money is getting no bang in the interest department and depending on your program you could be paying service charges for stop checks, inquires, statements and of course checks, if you still use them. Shame on these bankers that got bail outs and now decide that they need a fist of a few more dollars as a way to add insult to injury. If you don't like what your bank is doing, don't forget that you can "fire" the son a bitches with a quickness!!

The Cain Factor

It's no doubt that the we are now prepping for the the political thunder dome of 2012 as the GOP Presidential candidates embark in hand to hand combat for their parties nomination. At present its Herman Cain who seems to be unsettling the candidates field with his shoot from the hip, cut to the right and hit em between the eyes verbiage that gets rousing applause during debates and for reasons unknown to me, selling out events including one to take place in Northwest Arkansas. Cain has found himself climbing in the polls meanwhile besting co-front runner Mitt Romney with his brand of flame throwing rhetoric such as "being gay is by choice," and "blame your own self if you are not rich or have a job." He's lobbed other flaming rhetoric such as his position that those in the Occupy movement shouldn't be raging on Wall Street but rather should be at the gates of the White House. Let us not forget his stance on Muslim's, his notion that the catchy but flawed "9-9-9" tax send up is really a solution to the tax mess and last but not least pundits continue to cite that Cain doesn't appear to have a "real" campaign but rather a book tour wrapped in the guise of running for president. So exactly what the Cain is this fella all about to get so much attention? Its his no-nonsense approach that's been described as the "like ability factor," and simplicity to the issues that keeps getting the kudos. He's even stated that he didn't really know who some of the world leaders were and if that's the case then most likely I would assume that means no foreign policy developed. After all Mr. Cain did quip that "America is too uptight" as he mused that perhaps he would like to see an electrified border fence to keep out those pesky folks in search of the American dream. Of course, Cain dialed it back and said that's not what he really meant because it was all a "joke." In my opinion, It was so funny that I forgot to laugh, Mr. Cain. Hello electorate, if you fall for this joker then have mercy on this candidate when the Obama juggernaut rolls out in 2012. It's going to truly be a thunder dome of epic proportions.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Warick Sabin thows hat into the ring

Warick Sabin? Who? Well in case you don't know who this gentlemen is and most likely you don't, he's been here, there and everywhere from appearing on AETN's Arkansas Week to editing the Oxford projct and certainly seen among the city's social climbers as well as movers and shakers. And now he want to be a legislative Represenative in District 33. With that said, let the fundraising began with an outing being held at 10.27.11, 5:30 to 8:30 pm at SWAY, 412 Lousisiana. The invite that I got was sprinkled with current supporters including that of Jay Barth who was bamboozled and out flanked in his bid to represent the people in the last election cycle. It seems that this cadre of supporters are ready to do a cash dash for Sabin even though as I checked his website, I saw no positions, policy mentions or what he proposes to do in office except be "focused on listening to their concerns and priorities." He states that he will be a "positive leader" who is caring, thoughtful, and hard working represenative who will move Arkansas forward." Really? Sound good. So exactly what do you stand for Mr. Sabin and what do you propose will "move Arkansas forward?" Can we get some details or at least some "bullet points," that we can chew on until you actually get really focused. Alright, you just kicked off your campaign in September, so we'll have to wait for that other important stuff while you go into collect mode first. In the meantime, if you want to contribute, need signs or volunteer check out his cute website for that info at

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