Monday, October 31, 2011

From the Big Chair and More

It's another Monday step off and COP 24/7 continues to roll on and out with the latest updates, observations, opinions and observations. Our mailbox is running over with so much e-mail it's about to reach that "enough already" point. Sifting and sorting through this mound of "this and that" can be time consuming but nevertheless we press on with the mission at hand. Just know that if you are thinking about it, most likely some where, some day or in some way, we will be talking about it here in this forum. Let's go get em....

Tales of the Cube

Last week COP 24/7 commented or as some of you shared, "ranted" about an issue that some don't understand or as some stated, "don't care about." I take all blow back and feedback without regrets, basically because if you gonna dish it then you better be ready to be dished. And this forum has had it share of both positive reinforcement and certainly those who didn't mind sharing their hate. After all it's still a free country or at least today anyway. The issues at hand was our observation which involved local ASO's, CBO's and NGO's that are apart of the services/funding mix of the Arkansas Department of Health. Within that post COP 24/7 poised scenarios and questions as to what we viewed as "ebbing and flowing" policies that often cause barriers and challenges in operating such a group. Our purpose with all our postings are to offer a credible position while encouraging interactive discussion and dialogue. In the past we've been accused of "airing dirty laundry" or taking a swift boat approach to a subject which is not our modius operandi.  But rather a provocateur in search of answers while calling to action anybody who finds our observations interesting. By no means should all fault lie at the foot stool of ADH, because what was called for was transparency, clear policy and procedure with a healthy dose of accountability. This goes for not only ADH, but anyone attempting to do business with this agency or work that is being done on behalf of their organizations stakeholders. It's no secret that funding shifts and reductions are the order of the day and every dollar will need to be maximized in addressing HIV/AIDS in this city and state. In case you don't know and most likely you don't, each of you can have an impact on how these resources are utilized. However, if you sit back and decide that someone else knows better, then you can't say much when a decision has been made for you that you don't like. Get involved, be engaged and by all means stay locked and loaded to COP 24/7 because we will keep bringing it day after day after day...

NYC Casting Call

 A NYC casting firm is looking for HIV+ men and women to participate in a photo shoot for an HIV medication. No modeling experience is necessary, but you must be HIV+ (we will need a doctor’s note before the shoot), be responsible/reliable, like having your picture taken and be comfortable with other people knowing your hiv status. We cannot hire anyone who has modeled for any type of pornography.
Pay is $5,000 which includes any travel time, your time at the photo shoot and the right to publish the photo for 3 years in any print, digital and electronic media. Excludes broadcast and billboards only.
OR $7,500 if the client wants exclusivity (that means you can’t model for other HIV products during the 3 years that the ad is running)
According to the e-mail, here's what they are looking for in a possible candidate:
Everyone should be naturally thin; healthy but not overly defined muscles. The ages are a suggested range, so if you fall a couple of years on either end, still apply.

1. Latin and African American Women ages 35-45
2. African American Men ages 20-30
3. Caucasian Men ages 45-55
The photo shoot will be in New York City (we handle travel arrangements and costs). The shoot is tentatively scheduled for late November/early December. You must live in the US and either be a citizen or have current working papers
Please e-mail before 11/4 and include the following:
-A few recent photos (you can even send cell phone photos, just try to send ones that are clear and look like you). Send close-ups and a full-length.

-Your name

-Phone numbers where you can be reached

-Where you live (what town or city)
-If you have modeled for any HIV medications before (and if so tell me about it)
What happens after you submit your photos? I will forward them to the people who will choose who they would like to work with. If you are chosen, I will be in touch with you. If you were not chosen, you will not hear back from me. I will hold a casting in NYC and a few other cities, so you may get an email asking you to come in (if you live nearby) to have more photos. Here's a direct link to Ms. Lazars website with the info on it:  COP 24/7 assume no liability with this search and encourages any possible participants to properly vet this offer when applying.

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