Tuesday, October 11, 2011

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We're on the move again this week! Yes it seems that we just can't keep still for a moment but if you want to really know what's going on then you have to bust a move to stay locked and loaded for the latest updates. If you are not following us, a subscriber or regular reader, then by all means bookmark us or better yet get busy and join those who get our special brand of news, views and send up's. Make your move today!!!

The Name Game Part 2

Yesterday we spilled the beans about the power play from an outside entity that ushered a "cease and desist" name throw down to local venue, Sidetracks. The order asked the bar to comply with its trademark acquisition of the name, therefore causing the bar to have to find another title. Of course when we heard this dilemma, we thought of it as some type of prank, however, believe it or not boys and girls it was the real deal. In order to comply, COP 24/7 has learned that the new sir name of the former "Sidetracks" will now be known as "TRAXS." If that was not enough, the latest news that broke to the streets is the fact that owners of TRAXS also have made a power move their own by assuming the management of the seventh street corridor bars, Pulse/Off Center and 610 lounge. Each of these entities were opened by local entrepreneur and nightlife icon, N.Jones also owner of Triniti and Discovery complex. According to bar manager Todd Chambers., each entity will basically remain the same except that Pulse will be closed for a month and undergo a face lift. Future possible service additions include food service, entertainment upgrades and community projects. Chambers cited that he will an integral part of the operations and future detail announcement will be forthcoming. The official transfer will occur November 5. Community reaction has been positive with the belief that the new ownership will be beneficial to the LGBTQ community overall. 

Occupy Little Rock Rolls Out 10.15.11

Well better late than never. It seems that the "Occupy" movement has begun raising its head in Little Rock with a scheduled October 15 rally in the Rivermarket and subsequent march to the state capitol.
The group will marching west down President Clinton Ave to Stephen Inc., turning south at Stephen Inc. on to the Bank of America Building on Capitol Ave., then going west to the State Capitol passing the Federal building, Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Upon reaching the Capitol the group will return the River Market. As you may know or may not, this sign of civil disobedience began with the Occupy Wall Street effort that stepped off several weeks ago. From all appearances the NYC effort contained many factions with numerous agendas that run the gamut from union issues to fair housing concerns. Every mode of communication has been in play from social networks to signing online petitions.  All this is supported by the fact that their has been a total lack of accountability from those involved in the near collapse of the nations economic system, meanwhile enriching themselves to the tune of Millions of dollars. Also in this mash-up is the one percent of those who now "occupy" most of the wealth in this country and have taken the position that they are being targeted due to their success. Terms like "class warfare" and "soaking the rich" have become catch phrases used by many GOP stalwarts whom have become staunch allies of policies and tax loopholes that have provided a foundation as well as conduit to what most see as basic greed and corruption. Furthermore, Capitol Hill talking heads and presidential candidates have weighed in calling the protesters a "mob" attempting to pit Americans against Americans. No matter how you cut the mustard, the electorate has gone "Arab Spring" and it looks like there's no turning back. In the past COP 24/7 has thrown out the idea that it was "pitch fork and torch" time and it seems that folks across the landscape has tired of shell games, talk-talk and just plain old bullshit that has come from those "smartest guys in the room"types. There's so many angles to this democracy in action that one post just will not do. Especially when we haven't even touch on the what's brewing or not brewing in the African American community on this subject. But never you mind, we'll be posting on that flash point and all things that are being occupied. In the meantime if you feel so inclined or moved to share your solidarity with these ideas and concepts then its been suggested that you bring your signs, your indignation and a strong sense of justice! For more information: http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=187730267968845&notif_t=event_invite

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Craig Wenzl said...

I'm reading your blog backwards, starting with the newest info and going back in time. Have missed a few weeks here! Thanks for explaining what was going on with "TRAXS" vs. "Sidetracks." That's unfortunate, but guess it's gotta' be. At least the bar remains and just the name has changed. Thanks for all the updates! -Craig