Monday, August 11, 2008

Onpoint in a 360

Another 2008 week has rolled by as the weather kept most of us in search of a cool spot, but others on the prowl for the "hot spot," in Central city. Of course, I had to leave the big chair for a few hours to get into the mix of what was really going on and I'm ready to give it up in this addition of COP. Are you ready, if not, then get ready because here we go....

August B-Day: I want to thank the boys at Sidetracks for their August Birthday Salutes last Thursday. (8.07.08) James, my LTC and myself enjoyed the mini Bar-b- Que buffet complete with cake as well as the complimentary beverages citing our dual B-day's this month. We didn't celebrate alone as others made their way into the scene stating where their special day falls on the calender. As for us, his was Aug. 5 and I'll bring up the rear on August 20, respectively. For the record, I'm just this side of 40. Don't ask which side. Speaking of B-Day's, Don't forget, Jim's Birthday, Sunday, 8.24.08 at Sidetracks. I've been to this celebration and usually it's laid out extremely nicely. You never know what surprises these guys are going to pull out of the hat.

Bears in Undergear: Never say that I wont go the limit to cover events, even if I have to show up in my 2(isxt) briefs and boots. Yes, I took the plunge and joined the Bears for their Undergear Party, 8.09.08 at the the DSRA Clubhouse. I didn't really know what to expect, since I had never been to one of these functions, furthermore, I think some of them were surprise to see me as well. Obviously, this type of event meets certain needs, because at the height of the event it seemed that the house was full. A totally diverse crowd of aproximately 100 men from various parts of Central Arkansas and beyond were on full display. Ranging from J-straps, thongs and other means of undergear. The camaraderie, video, music, food and anything goes atmosphere put the party into full tilt. Including those "Peekers and Players " in the back room taking matters to the next level similar to the Big City girls. What can I say, voyeurism and "menergy" is still alive and well in Little Rock. To sum things up, I learned from one of my sources that the evening netted a pot of $1800.00 for organizers. If they are raising this kind of booty for their cause, you can bet that there will more of this to come. I'll keep you posted.
Lip Synchika Me: I've gotten a few suggestions for me in regards to the upcoming benefit show for Brian Cook. I appreciate it and keep them coming. I will consider them all. Then make a choice prior to show time. However, It won't matter if there's no audience. So, call your friends, tell the neighbors, alert the masses that I'll be joining the show cast, 8.16.08 at DSRA, 4525 Hoffman Street. This just may be the last time out for my alter ego. Join me, I dare ya!

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