Thursday, August 07, 2008

COP: 24/7... Locked and Loaded

It's a number's game this posting making this outing number 313! Whew, who would have thought that I'd still be at it this long. Well, of course I would. There's too much happening not to be on the prowl for updates, links, commentary, news, and everything that relates to the Arkansas GLBTQ community and beyond. Yesiree, It's another COP:24/7 and I'm locked and loaded. Are you ready? Then, let's go get em.....

Youth on Fire: CAR's DYSC program will feature a youth Solidarity showcase, August 13, 7 p.m. at Easy Street Piano Bar, 307 W. 7th in downtown Little Rock. The show lineup has not been announced however, the group is actively seeking both the talented as well as inspired participants. If you are are ready to hit the boards, then contact, Feliz ( 813.713.0984) or e-mail:

People Helping People: Local entertainers and personalities are coming together in a fundraising effort for Brian Cook (a.k.a Cherity, pictured) in lieu of the recent death of his partner, James Anderson. DSRA will host the event, August 16, 9 p.m. If you can attend, I'd love to see each and everyone of you, if not, then consider offering a donation for the cause. I'll be apart of the night's cast and hope that I will see you face in the place. Got a song suggestion for me, then send it. For each song suggestion I'll match a buck toward the benefit. Hit me up in the comment section with your suggestion and feel free to share your thoughts as well. Do it today!

Got A Big Idea?: I'm a fan of Donny D's, The BIG Idea cable show which calls out the entrepreneur in yourself. It's one of my favorites empowerment shows that makes me think and then, think again about where I'm going, not to mention what I'm doing to affect my economic future. I'm thrilled to know that Arkansas will step to the plate to help those of us with "Big ideas" to get access to capital. According to Arkansas the Arkansas Association of Two-Year Colleges says eight of the state's two-year colleges will offer a business degree option and certificate in entrepreneurship this fall. That's a good thing.
"Economic development is more important than ever in today's economy, and this program will help to create jobs in Arkansas by enabling and empowering people to start their own businesses," said Ed Franklin, executive director of the association.
The Arkansas Venture Forum last week outlined the importance of entrepreneurship. Citing figures from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Entrepreneurship Center, it said 70 percent of a nation's economic growth is typically attributed to entrepreneurship.
The Arkansas Venture Forum issued a call for entrepreneurs seeking capital to submit executive summaries by Aug. 29 for the sixth annual Arkansas Venture Conference.
The finalists will make presentations at the conference, set for Nov. 18-19 in Little Rock, which in the past has drawn interest from surrounding states, including venture capital firms and angel investors representing more than $500 million in capital.
Companies wishing to submit an application will find the guidelines at
The schools in the consortium are Arkansas State University at Beebe, East Arkansas Community College, North Arkansas College, Northwest Arkansas Community College, Ouachita Technical College, South Arkansas Community College, Southern Arkansas University Tech and University of Arkansas Community College at Batesville. Pulaski Technical College and Southeast Arkansas College will join in October.
This is a learning opportunity that all the state schools should embrace.

Faith Presentation: I got this interesting e-blast and wanted to pass it along in our continuing mission to inform and empower. It was forwarded from Just Communities and they hope you anyone interested will be able to join us for this video. The complete series is available (through UAMS College of Public Health or the JCCA office) for others to show in their own venue.

According to Ruth Shepard, the videos were made available in June, and the discussion following was provocative and informative. This one, “Place Matters,” really makes one think about our city planning and policies and how that impacts the health of our residents.

Please let me know if you will attend so that we can be prepared with chairs and drinks. If you are unable to attend but want to learn more, please contact me or Kate Stewart []. Also feel free to pass this email along to others who might be interested.


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