Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back to the Hustle and Flow...2.0

Reflections of Hot Buttered Soul:

The Issac Hayes Revolution

Although I was stunned at the recent death of soul icon, Issac Hayes. His passing allowed me to re-cross a bridge to my past and reflect on the impact of his music, visage and legacy within my own life. I've always loved muisc and at one time believed that perahaps I might have a career in the industry. Even though the music choices in my environment was somewhat limited, I was always intrigued with the various styling and creativity from gospel greats like the Mighty Clouds of Joy, those Sam and Dave records and my valued James Brown 45's that were only 99 cents. Yes my pretties they were vinyl disk then and I didn't realize that I was a budding audiophile then, because I'd never heard the term before. Yet, it was the the music of Issac Hayes that broadsided me with it's street smart, cutty edge beats that made me feel I was apart of the tough scene. Earlier James Brown had instilled the mantra, "I'm Black and I'm proud," but his "hot buttered" soul via Stax Records ushered in a new era of pride, ultra masculinity and fierceness that I couldn't resist. Just like other teens, I too had my favorite poster of the "Black Moses" prominently displayed over my bed, as his music often lulled me to sleep while playing from the radio. Not only the hard charging, theme from Shaft which he won acclaim, but other selections from Hayes' catalog which is varied as well as deep. Such memorable cuts as duo's with Millie Jackson, his long version "rap" selections, instrumentals and later his infectious disco romp, "Don't Let Go," that was mixed and remixed by then DJ Doug which played prominently in the early Discovery Club days on Asher. How surreal it is for me at this stage in my life, that his music still moves me and how many times it's intersected with significant moments in my life. So, long I-Man, God's speed, we'll continue the groove on the other side....

Help Wanted at AAF..Still?: Apparently, the Arkansas AIDS Foundation can't seem to find anyone qualified to lead the embattled organization. A few posts back, I mentioned my support of local activist B. Coffey as a contender for the ED (Executive Director's) post. I touched base with Mr. C, to check the status of that possiablity, only to learn that even though he applied, he's not even been interviewed! Say what? This makes me wonder exactly what are they waiting on and what's up with this lackluster approach to filling a key position. Especially with more recent stats about the impact of HIV/ AIDS within the African American community across the board. Not to mention the low attendance at the recent MATF ( Minority AIDS Task Force) event held at Philander Smith College. At this point, you're saying did you ask them? Well, of course not, because all you get from this outfit is the sounds of silence. I've sent countless E-mails and made some personal queries, all with no real outcomes. According to Bob, "they're still looking." The $64,000 question is looking for what or who. I'm encouraging all of you to keep asking, call them 501.376.6299, write them, 518 E. 9th Street, L.R. AR 72202 or blast them at their website, http://www.araidsfoundation.org/

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