Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Another day has dawned, another soul has left the earth in route to the hear after, and the universe has welcomed a new birth to perpetuate the cycle. It's 8.20.08, I'm in the Big Chair, resolute, reticence and boldly basking in the blessings thus far. It's COP:24/7 tossing and turning until I can bring you what's really going on in the GLBTQ community and beyond. Can you stand the heat, then let's get this shigity started....

Birthday Boys: Thanks to the webmasters at the Sidetracks Yahoo site for pointing out that 8.20.08 is the day I was born into this world. Thanks for remembering. It's a nice feeling to have others think of you. I'm kinda funny about the B-day thing, since I don't really make a much-a-do about it. Usually, I celebrate it rather quietly and without much fanfare. Staying humbly retrospective can be quite the equalizer when death has been on the prowl. Despite the many dilemmas that I've faced over the last few years, I've always stood steadfast, knowing that this too shall pass. If your birthday was this month and your celebration was lacking, just remember that many others are most likely more unfortunate than yourself. If you were considering a gift for me,( and I know you were, right?) I appreciate it very much. But, I'd like to encourage those so inclined, to put your efforts where they count the most. Stand up and be counted. Get registered to vote, spend Two Dollar bills or the new Dolllar Coins in our local establishments on my behalf, or donate to your favorite charity. I started some time ago "living the life," and proudly continues until this day. So, trust me, Lord willing and the creek don't rise, I'm not done now or anytime soon. I'll be around until the "fat lady sings." You can count on that without a doubt! In the meantime, "what have you done today to be proud?"

A Veeping we Go: What's with all the secrecy about who will run with the Bouncing O. Can a brother not just choose some one and roll into the White House. Obviously not. Everyone is a pundit, choosing the pro's and con's of what Senator O has done in his choice or whatever he's decided as the world looks on. I said it should be Joe Biden, however, I was somewhat broadsided by an e-blast from film maker Michael Moore, promoting and damn near calling the lady out, Caroline Kennedy as the perfect Obama choice. Say what? Talk about change and how in the world is that suppose to play in Peroia? Perhaps very well, since Mr.O is all about change, then let's have some revolutionary change at the core. Moore makes the argument that Mrs. K is not apart of the establishment and futhermore, should do what current VP Chenney did as a key figure in selecting a future VP. Sorta nominate yourself. Why not, it's just politics anyway. Boy, It's gonna get extremely interesting, so stay tune, I just know it's gonna be a doozie...I can feel it in my bones. Do you have a VP pick? And why not, it's the hottest game going and you shouldn't want to be left out. Send me your nominee, today!!!

Curtain UP: The Weekend Theater presents "Southern Baptist Sissies" By Del Shores, August 22, 23, 29, 30 September 5, 6 A roller coaster of a play that takes audiences from heights of hilarity through outrageous anger, and into caves of depression and out again, this political and religious commentary is the story of four gay men in a Southern Baptist Church in Texas and the various ways they cope when they discover urges within themselves that go against the teachings of their church. The damage of religion that preaches intolerance and foments self-hatred and the repercussions of this brand of religion are seen throughout the boys' trek from pre-adolescence to adulthood: the pain, the doubt, the self-loathing, the confusion. The script weaves together the characters' stories inserting Bible passages that support, contradict and call into question the fundamentalists' teachings about homosexuality. The production is being directed by Ralph Hyman. On Fridays and Saturdays, curtain times are at 7:30 p.m. I may have to make the rounds and check this out. If I get it on my schedule, you know that I'll have a full review here.

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