Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Frontline

Thank God the weekend is upon us! Whoa Nelly, it's been a barn burner, no holes barred, don't stop week here at COP:24/7! I hope that you have been along for the ride and that your seat beat is still connected. Because we're winding up to give you more of what you've been looking for in news, updates, commentary, links, and just damn good coverage of what's really going on in from the four corners of Arkansas and beyond. I'm in the big chair, still locked and loaded, so let's go get em...

Obama Lapalooza: It's done, for now at least. History has been made by Barack Obama as the first African American to be nominated by a American political party as it's candidate for president of these United States. As I listened to his acceptance speech, so much ran through my body and soul. First, I was so envious that my face wasn't in the place but that aside, my sense of pride soared watching this man issuing a clarion call for "we" the people to demand change. As I listened, I realized that the themes and bullet points that Mr. O was outlined were not that new or radical. Affordable health care, educational opportunities for all, infrastructure repairs, responsibly ending the war and immigration issues can no longer be "winked and noded" by our Representatives or the future President. O.K. America, it's done. The Obama Biden ticket is in place, the stakes are high, the issues are front and center, and the ball is in play. What you gonna do?

McCain in Waiting: Believe it or not, I don't want you think that I've forgotten about Mr. John McCain the Republican presumptive nominee. How could I? I've actually read some of his position papers, listened to his take on matters and given him a fair shot at explaining himself. There's no doubt that JM has a distinguished career in Congress, his military service is beyond reproach and his love of country is distinctively obvious, however, I believe that he's not the tour-de- force needed to refresh the country. I expect that Mr. McCain will pull a pre-convention surprise with the naming of his VP. Unfortunately, I can't call it because the choices are so varied, but I'm lending that his will play a gender card in this political poker showdown. The twin cities will be painted red next week as the Republicans roll into town with deep pockets and lots of rhetoric, rebuttals and replays. Will I tune in, you betcha. Let's not forget those hanging chads and other shigity that went on in the last two election cycles. These folks are no joke when it comes to being "in it to win it."
GAYin the Rock Cometh: Are you wondering how does he do it? Staying on point and keeping it funky fresh from all angles. Well, somebody got to do it, don't they? So I went to the launch party for the Gayintherock website held last eve at Sidetracks. I'm not sure if those in attendance actually understood what was this was all about, except that fact that they were giving away free t-shirts and free food. Where were the complimentary beverages? What about those prizes? Where's the party people? If they wanted to the evening to be all about them, some one should have turned off the TV sets or better yet they should have had something that tied into their site on them. I didn't sense any real buzz about it nor did two women who were almost in a orgasmic mash up at the end of the bar. It's was almost one of those, "get a room moments." Meanwhile the promoters, one of which is bartender, "Keith" and a gentlemen who never introduced himself sorta perched themselves at front of the room without much fanfare. Furthermore the unnamed guy was not even wearing a promo t-shirt or engaging with member prospects? What's going on here? Alright every one's not extroverted like myself whom likes to tell you "who I am and why I"m glad that you came to this event." Anyway, the site is allegedly a social networking and possibly a portal for other stuff. At this time the site is in development and you will have to be the judge as to where it's going. Take a look at it and let me know what you think. It can be found at, Perhaps maybe they'll be a working association at some junction, I'm always looking for partners. In the meantime, stay locked in to COP:24/7, Arkansas' only daily based online site for the GLBTQ community and beyond.

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