Friday, August 15, 2008

Free Fall Friday: Remix 4 U & Me 2.0

Is this month in a slip stream or what? If not it's slip slidin away with a quickness. 2008 has been a roller coaster ride so far, but it ain't over til it's over. Especially with the all the important Presidential elections looming just over the horizon, war still raging and rumors of war within earshot. I'm in the house, back in the big chair and ready to roll. So, if you're ready, let's get busy!

Lypsincka Me: Many thanks to those of you who sent me song suggestions for Saturday's benefit show at the DSRA( Diamond State Rodeo Association) Clubhouse. Each one was a good one and the winner is....Well you'll just have to come to the show to check it out. It's all going down at 9 p.m. on Hoffman Road (501.562.4466) I'll see ya there. Will you join us?

Cool Clubbing: The weather is cooling off and apparently so is it at Club Good Times where long awaited additional air conditioning is providing patrons with a cool spot to party, However, even though the place has gotten some air, there's still an air of violence and fighting that prevails according to sources who put their faces in the place. I just don't get this type of behavior or why it seems that when my brothers and sisters get together in a space this drama activity is par for the course. Did you mama not teach ya nothing? It's so unfortunate and frustrating to keep hearing these reports. Perhaps some of those who can't control themselves may need some anger management intervention. So here's my Keepin It Real tit for tat: Stop the madness people before someone gets seriously hurt or even worse, killed.

Tribute to the Mac Man: The tragedy of Bernie Mac's death juxtaposed to the departure of Issac Hayes is certainly a reality check. Ultimately, we come to this earth with an unknown destination as to our departure. Just like the rest of the world, I was deeply sadden but will always remember the shock comic wit of Mr. Mac and his groundbreaking TV show that kept me in stitches. He will be missed. Thanks Mac Man for the years of laughter and tears.

Doing the Springs: I promised you a little more about my R & R to the Springs earlier this week and here it is. When you really think about it, Hot Springs has some interesting little nooks of entertainment, features, eateries and tourist traps for you spending pleasure. JCM and I did breakfast at The Pancake House on Central. This retro restaurant has been in business since 1940 according to the historical brief on the menu. Stepping in the place you get a "hearty welcome" and promptly seated. Our waitress, Irene was moving and shaking her section with a routine pace that I later learned she's been doing for 28 years. Talk about longevity! We both had blueberry pancakes which were the size of hub cabs plus a side of bacon. Hot, tasty and filling was all I could say. You can get some menu items from a small shop next door or have them ship it to your door. Especially the ham products which sound like they could melt in your mouth. Next up: Mid America Science Museum's Our Body exhibit. I was so intrigued after reading about this exhibition coming to Arkansas, that I wanted to make sure that I got to see it. I love museum's and all that goes with them. This unusual spectacle offered me another self teachable moment as we toured the various displays of actual human bodies. Yes, you heard me right the first time, real human specimens revealing what lies beneath the skin and beyond. In it's promo material the show is billed as a "once in a lifetime opportunity" and I can assure you that walking and viewing each creatively displayed item was eye opening to say the least. If you're the queasy type then you might reconsider this one, but if you really want to know what you're made of, then it's on the money. I was particularly fascinated with the embryo section which had actual cells in a progressive display developing into a fetus. With a supporting 9 month time line, I realized that everyone takes the same path to get here and then life decides the rest. Also I was amazed at, an entire body that had been "sliced" length wise to show the various layers of the human body. One display that struck home was the skelletal display which included our important joints. A while back and I blogged from my hospital bed about those new metal parts I received, filling in for what creation had delivered some 40 years ago. How'd they do that you ask? Here's the answer, the over 200 bodies, specimens and organs included in the exhibit have been preserved using a process known as polymer impregnation. Who Knew? I'm a reader, so I love reading the place cards but their is a live action take along tape program for those who need someone else to describe what you are seeing. It's a limited engagement, so click it to their website, for more details. Did it end there, no it didn't and the best is yet to come, so come on back to find out....

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