Thursday, August 28, 2008

Still Speaking Volumes 1.0

Do you ever wonder just how we keep COP:24/7 updated with the breaking news, commentary, updates, links and the kitchen sink? It's called commitment and drive to stay ahead of the curve along with the latest in techo mash up's that assist me in keeping it all together. This week is no different as I've pre-produced the weeks posting meanwhile editing just before their scheduled posting which is automated through the blogger system. This new gadget is better than sliced bread when it comes to helping me with my hectic lifestyle and pace. So now you know some of the magic behind the wizards curtain in bringing Arkansas' GLBTQ only daily online destination for what's really going on and then some! There are 125 days left in the year and I'm locked and loaded, so brace yourselves my pretties...

Vegas Galm in the Rock: If you recall, last week I started posting about the The Complex "glam squad" that decried the scrolls from the Drag Gods on how to whip the weekend performances into showroom shape. So far, the vibe that I'm getting is that even though this mandate has been thrown down, there's actually little that local personalities can do or will do anything about it. So what's new about that? I've heard a few talk about some type of "revolt" and only performing at UBU or other venues if possible. Well I guess that could be a possibility but will probably not solve much. Some have mentioned that they perhaps will "retire" or limit there activities to fundraisers, contest or Halloween. Oh Really now. Then, there are the die hearts who will bow to the edict, meanwhile attempting to rise to the occasion by trying to meet those imposed standards. With all that said, how many of you know exactly how many Benjamin's does it take to be a entertainer? Let's run some numbers. If you're not a beginner, then the cost varies especially depending you how often you perform. On average you'll need a full compliment of cosmetics including brushes, eyelashes, etc, Cost: $200-350.00. At least one wig, but let's keep it real, because most every dragon has at least two. Cost: $45 to $200.00 for human hair or fancy updo's. How about some costuming? As I understand, one of those now outlawed "stretch material" gowns with a fishtail probably would run you about, Cost: $75.00. If you are a glam gal, like myself, those beaded outfits can run you a tab from $100.00 for sequin pants, Heavy Beaded Jackets, $185.00, Tuxedo Pants suits, $125.00 or stage gown, anywhere from $300 to $5,000 smackers! Are you counting yet? All of this doesn't include your jewelry( oh how we love to sparkle in those rhinestones)Cost:$50.00 -$1,500, other incidentals like under gear, shoes (I paid $125.00 for a custom fit), music mixes, entourages (do you think those make-up people work for free?) and everything else that goes into being an ace in the spotlight. Did I mention pageant entry fees? Nope, because that's an extra expense depending on what you are making of this little fantasy trip. How can I forget my Miss NLR 02 trip which tabbed out at a modest, $2.000.00 even though I didn't even get to compete in the state pageant. Can we Talk? Trust me, it doesn't stop there people. If you need a touch of more "realness" how about a "nip & tuck" about the nose, chin, cheeks or whitening that smile with a few bucks. These little touches can be in the thousands! My philosophy, if that's what it takes to blow up your skirt, then by all means go for it!
Got your calculators out yet? Can you imagine all these expenses juxtaposed to a $50.00 performance fee for non-title holders plus those all important tips. Which may happen or may not, depending on how well you work it. Let's not mention if you don't meet the standard and are "sent home." Yes my friends, dismissed because you didn't make the glamour cut!!

Are you ready to be a performer now? If so, good! It's all about choices and what you want to do when making them. In the meantime, I wish them all well and hope that they find some solid solutions to their dilemma. Sounds like to me, it's either step up or flame out sistas!

Pride in the City: Even though there was not a prominent pride event matching 2007. There seems to be movement within the community construct toward a PRIDE 09. I've gotten wind that Little Rock Capitol Pride is tentatively scheduling pride for June 7, 2009 in the River market Pavilion. They've elected board members, pursuing strategies and need input. O.K. here's my two cents. Begin with a clear and realistic business plan to achieve a maximum affect for the event. Also keep those board members feet to the fire, they've either got to pony up or get lost!

Psst, Bears in Togas, Oh My!: They're at it again! The Diamond State Bears have announced there latest gathering being held soon in Central City. Do I have the date, of course I do, but I'll be revealing it by Podcast. If you want to know where all the Caesar-Bears will be holding court, then E-mail me and I'll pass it on to you. If you missed the last get together, then you can't afford to miss out on my Podcast. I'll be waiting for your e-mails. Let's make it more interesting? Want to be my special guest? I've got a special question that you'll need to answer. Feel free to reach and touch me through our comments sections or our sister site, , I'll be waiting, if you dare!

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