Monday, August 25, 2008

Manic Monday & Me

Whew! Another weekend in the hip pocket and I'm staying ahead of the curve this week by posting a variety of items that have filled my e-box. Not to mention updates, links, flashes, mash-up's and everything that goes into our special brand of coverage in the GLBTQ community and beyond. Gosh dern it, are you ready again? Yeah I thought so...Let's go get em!!

The Body Politic: It's finally here, convention season 08 with the Democrats kicking it in the mile high city, Denver, Colorado this week and the Republicans taking it the land of 10,000 lakes in Minnesota in September. Yet, with all this carrying on, there are other matters that need to be recognized. First up those folks at the Family Council have submitted the necessary signatures to get that dastardly initiative on the November ballot. Awareness and action is going to paramount in an effort to defeat this measure. This forum will continue to highlight, as well as, spotlight the latest moving and shaking surrounding this ballot fight. I implore you to take a stand and get involve somehow. Don't think that some one else will always be there to take on the fight. Do it Today!

From Beijing to London 2012: I don't know about you but I was simply in awe of the People's Republic of China's world Olympic party. From the opening ceremonies which had me speechless to the stunning closing array of ingenuity and creativity that makes me just damn giddy. Even though all this display of national pride was one of the best, the issues of human rights, info blackouts and government limitations spiked with restrictions were looming in the background. Nevertheless, the games still persevered bringing the world together to showcase the multi-levels of athletic prowess from all corners of the globe. Congratulations to Team USA whom made me proud as they continued the excellence we always expect from our Representatives. Who knows may be I'll make it to London in 2012! (picture & logo courtsey of the B08 website)

Who's that Candidate: It's only hours before the doors swing open and the delegates pour into the Pepsi Center starting the mash-up known as O8 DNC/ the national Democratic Convention 2008 in Denver, Colorado. I'm not amused that I'm not in the house, but nevertheless I'll be "onpoint" all this week with my own talking head coverage of the event. Tonight, it's Mrs. O, Michelle Obama who will make the case and tell all of America, "who's that Candidate name Barack." Seems like to me how could we not know by now, after all there's the books, audio books, website bio's, documentary and a ton of video messages and clips telling us just who Senator Obama really suppose to be. Gosh dern. Do I want to have a beer with the Bouncing O? Perhaps. Would I like to have Michelle and the girls over for a garden party? I could I do it with no problem. What about a dinner party with the Obama's? Why certainly, because I can do a great din-din spread. O.K. I'll be watching to see if there's anything new that I don't already know about presumptive nominee O. If you miss tonights warm up, you can get more at

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