Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Cyber Twista Tuesday

"It's Obama Time..." remember those famed words from all things media mogul, Oprah Winfrey who stomped for then candidate Obama, whom now is poised to accept the democractic nomination for the presidency. Whew, what a ride it's been and yet, still to go. It's almost just to much for me. Yet, I will survive no matter the outcome. I've somewhat strayed from the political scene, but it's never that far from my radar. And how, since it's gotten even more interesting in the past few days...

Oh! John Boy: Well here we go again...another Mea Culpa from a mere man who stated that his rise from a poor boy from the Carolina's to a possible contender to lead the free world caused him to fall into the legs of another women. Enter John Edwards's plea for understanding as his courageous wife, Elizabeth continues to stand by her man through it all. They are latest public couple dealing with "men who creep then get caught." Of course there's that song that say' s "it ain't cheating till you get caught!" It's a Pity that Mr. E had to out himself after much media snooping and trolling, even though he claims to have told his wife all about it. But failed to disclose it in his White House pursuits because maybe he thought it would just go away. Now really J.E.! Does this type of behavior hurt? Certainly. Is it really any of our business? Probably not. Especially, since we all know a creeper, have creeped or known some cheating heart somewhere in our romantic lifeline. Is his political career toast? In America every things possible with time. Let's not forget, John Mc Cain was down for the count early in is campaign, but somehow ended up the Republican nominee. I'm sure that there's more to come, but let's move on to the real dilemma's facing this nation. Gosh Dern, if his wasn't so handsome with good hair, ambition and some what full of himself, he wouldn't have had this problem. Let's face it, "lover lips," you've been busted. Shame on you Mr. Edwards.

Obama to EARTH: The high preist of the Online Campaign is at it again. The Bouncing O campaign will annoucing his VP by E-mail or TEXT to the personal digital device of your choice. Talk about Change? It seems to me that everything about this entire experience has become digitally based and it's seems to be working. I'm so glad that I got on board the digital mainframe some time ago. It's the way to the future and I'm trying to position myself right smack in the middle of the grid. However, with all this techo wizardy going on, I tried to open the Arkansas slot on his website to get info, only to discover an " fatal error" message that stated "no such filed exist." Never mind, you can still get ringtones, so you will know when "Obama- Line one" is leaving you a message. In case you need the hook, check out the website for all the details at http://www.barackobama.com/ The event of the century is only two week away, therefore if you will be attending, lucky you! Yet in true Obama fashion, the Boucing O will be breaking the mold of traditional political Conventions. Senator Obama will accept the Democratic nomination for president at INVESCO Field at Mile High, August 28, 2008. This is Denver's iconic football stadium which can accommodate an audience of more than 75,000. I saw this venue while in Denver and it's an awesome site. But if it's not in the cards to see it in person, this historic Convention will be easy to follow even if you lived on Mars. Besides the network coverage, you can catch all of the action live online at http://www.demconvention.com/.

Out over the Rainbow: This forum continues to twist and turn in how I can offer real info to the GLBTQ community and beyond. As you've noticed I often post from various locations near and far which put me in travel mode. In case you did'nt know and I know you didn't, perhaps you may want to check out American Airlines Rainbow TeAAm. American Airlines has the only GLBT dedicated sales team - The Rainbow TeAAm - in the airline industry. According to their website, "we want to be your airline for life so we've created a one-stop shop to fulfill all of your travel needs." In full disclosure, I am a AA Advantage member and was pleasantly surprised at the exactly how many GLBTQ events in which AA is the official carrier. Also, on the website they have a complete listing of upcoming events that you can earn frequent flier points. However, I found it interesting that the upcoming Miss Gay America Pageant being held in St. Louis wasn't listed. But all is not lost, Southern Decadence 37 (8.27-9.1.08) in New Orleans, LA and Atlanta Black Pride (8.1.08- 9.1.08) were prominently featured but not coded at post time. As a member I also earn travel points for hotel stays, most recently my STL jaunt and other business connections also earn credits. These travel experts, Betty Young and Geogre Carrancho are based at DFW but can assist you globally. It's an all access site at http://www.armgleam.com/ You know I'm always trying to demonstrate how to earn a dollar and then maximize it. If you've got travel in your future, consider it! Just imagine the points if I had of made it to Beijing!

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