Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Diversion Wednesday

I can't seem to stay off the road, despite those pesky gas prices or travel cost. Where in the world is COP 24:7 this time you ask? Thanks for asking. I decided I needed a little mid-week "R&R" with an overnight/ day trip to Hot Springs, Arkansas. I lived in this city briefly a few years back and have always enjoyed trekking back every now and then for look over. In case you didn't know, Hot Springs' gets the distinction as one of America's first national parks. Not to mention a host of other notable Didn't I say that we cover all points in Arkansas and beyond? Well, O.K. then. In this post I'll be highlighting (don't hate... from pool side) this mini jaunt as well as our unique mash up of what's really going on. Fasten you seat belt and let's go get em....

Political Dollars A-Go-Go: It's all about the "Benjamin's," as they say when it comes to playing the political game. Money talks know the rest. Therefore I wanted to alert you readers of this chance to hobnob with Rick Fleetwood, along with Linda Dixon, Jimmie Lou Fisher, Becky and Bruce McMath, Nancy Tesmer, and Rep. Kathy Webb, as invited guest to a fundraising reception in honor of Congressman Vic Snyder. Mr. Snyder has been an ardent supporter of the GLBTQ community and beyond. Lately was apart of the DADT ( Don't Ask-Don't Tell) hearings which is seriously being mulled over. State side he was among the first to attempt to derail that senseless Sodomy Statue that existed in this state without a lot of vocal support from the GLBTQ community. A few years back as I barn stormed my way across Washington D. C., he met with me personally during a Capitol Hill Lobby Day, as I expressed my concerns over then AIDS funding. Now you say, little old blogger me trying to make sense in the nation's Capitol? Yes, my people, you've got to speak to power every damn chance to you get. It's not as hard as you may think. With that said, even if you don't get to the fundraiser itself, consider a donation to his campaign as well as a letter, e-mail, phone call or in person visit on a myriad of pressing issues that impact us all.
The event will be held from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Thursday, August 21, at the home of Rick Fleetwood, 1821 Beechwood in Little Rock. For additional information, please contact Chris Kell at (501) 804-3714 or . Do it today and tell em that I sent ya!

Rainbow Represented: A few of you may remember that I made a run to be a delegate to the 2008 Democratic convention but didn't get the nod. But I considered it a "teachable moment" with hopes of being better prepared next time along with any other hopefuls. However, all is not lost. Arkansas' GLBTQ community will be represented out front by Rep. kathy Webb in Denver along with a few others who are still peeking from the closet. And you thought the closet doors had flew open wide. Well obviously not in all quarters of the state. If the GLBTQ community wants to wheel and deal to the powers that be. It's imperative that the greater power structure gets to see our faces, know our names and sense our united passion. Hiding in plain sight, although may have it's advantages, yet in my opinion is some what flawed. But stepping to the plate up front and in person demonstrates that we are all about some business.
R & R in the Springs: Every time I come to the Springs, I'm never sure what to expect or what new adventure await me. Without failure and despite the off kilter charm of it all, the spa city never let's me down. First up, the arrival. Since it was going to be a short jump, I wanted to maximize the dollar to cover a lot of bases. I did an online search for accommodations was horrified at some of the reviews left online by previous guest. Oh Hot Springs, I certainly hope that someone at the CVB ( Conventions & Visitors Bureau) is doing some random trolling. Past guest are dissing local hotels and motels with a fury. I was truly amused at one posting that stated," as fast as you can away from this hotel." You know me, keeping it real, the hotel in questions, The Austin. Also, keeping it real, I contacted a source which confirmed to me that I should consider other options. If you know what I mean. I did, but the All Seasons Lodge did it's best to accommodate me, although not in the true "COP" fashion. The desk clerk and staff all were extremely chatty and get this folks, tried to make it a nice stay anyway. Next up: Club Jester's. In past post I've criticized this joint for hosting SQL ( Shirley Q. Liquor) but my Tuesday night blow through was as welcoming as you can get. Even though their was no crowd per se, everyone around the bar was quite friendly and pleasant to the new faces in town. The bartender even served up a birthday drink: a tall, potent Long Island Ice tea concoction, which in turn made my companion oh so ready for bed. Also they offered us birthday cake, made sure we comfortable with the temp, music and if there was anything else they could get for us. What else can you ask for, except a little something to take home. Kudos to Tuesday' night staff for making our brief stop in, one that will make me want to return real soon. Even though we may not always agree with your entertainment choices, Jesters can be be a nice place to party. Look for their link on our sidebar shortly! Need more? Yes, there's more but you'll have to come on back for our next posting. See ya then...

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