Monday, April 20, 2009

Wrap it Up Monday

I've got to face at least one fact. It's getting more difficult for me to continue to Burn the candle at both ends and this weekends full schedule of proves it to the fullest. I wasn't sure if I was going to make the cut when I made it to the Big Chair for this edition. However, duty calls and I've gotten my second wind to bring it all home. Let's do it together, shall we....

Rodeo Rockin: Well, they did it again and pulled off Rodeo in the Rock 2009, which has become known on the circuit as, "the best little rodeo," of the IGRA. Lou Rushing, D. Scott and the entire DSRA Team rallied and brought the rodeo stage into the station with a weekend filled with great competition and loads of fun. I took in the opening hoedown at Sidetracks (4.17.09) which was almost at capacity with visitors and locals. Throughout the evening I met cowboys from Arizona, Illinois, Oklahoma and Tennessee respectively. I was pleasantly please to know that many had a favorable impression of Little Rock and acknowledged the DSRA as great stop on the rodeo circuit. Despite some rainy skies, the competition as well as other activities went as planned including another hootenanny Saturday night (4.18.09) which featured area performers and boot scooting music for the attendees. President Lou stated that beverage sales were extremely brisk and estimated that at least $2500 was grossed not including entrance cover. The DSRA had move to a biannual rodeo due to production cost and revenue streams. "Unfortunately, our rodeo doesn't have the sponsorship that other larger rodeos get."said Lou. "It takes all we've got to do this in the best possible way. My phone rang off the hook trying." she concluded. In this forum I've made every attempt to be objective in my observations about DSRA and posted views from those who have their perceptions of the organization. In full disclosure, I've made appearances at the clubhouse in fundraising efforts. I am not a member but have supported and been welcomed by the membership. As a past event organizer, I can firmly state that it's simply damn hard to please everyone all the time. Especially in the GLBTQ community where ego's are plentiful, attitudes in full supply and critics, cynics and curmudgeons galore. I've been around for some time and trying to find common ground based on the theme "working together" is a concept that still hasn't been fully realized. The success of the rodeo can be measured by the effort of those who stepped to the plate and did the work to make it so. Are there Shortcomings? Sure. Oversights? probably. Personality clashes? You betcha. Overall, there's no event that is picture perfect but with proper assessment, reflection and transparency everything can be improved. But those improvements come from creative positive people who get committed early and stay the course to the end. In other words, don't come with big ideas and then decide to take your marbles and leave the game. Congrats DSRA on being the best little rodeo on the circuit and showing some state pride to boot.

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