Monday, April 13, 2009

Changing Channels

Just how many channels does it take to entertainment a person? I'm befuddled at the continuing outgrowth of cable channels devoted to almost anything and everything imaginable. Long before the economic mash up, I decided that all those mucho dineros that I was putting out for channels that I didn't either watch or have any interest was just too much. I mean really too much. So I called my local cable service, Comcast, asking to be released from the onslaught of one too many ESPN's, Horse racing Channel or other channels that were useless in my entertainment arsenal. Yet, after that move, I realized that even though I may have downsized, there were still more channels being developed for my consumption ONLINE! Oh Joy. Well, what can I say, we live in a digital world that's all about connecting to the masses and beyond. It's a tough business all around, nevertheless I'm in the game as well, attempting to make the connection to you dear reader on a daily basis. It's all about communicating info, updates, commentary, links and so much more as I do daily as Arkansas' only daily updating GLBTQ blog. So, if you tire of all those cable offerings, don't forget to keep COP:24/7 a click away in your favorites, use our RSS link or become a follower. We love having you aboard!!!

They Shoot Books Don't They?: I love books. Always have and most likely always will. Long before Oprah's book club or my knowledge of any so called Gay book club, I was the kid in the library in search of the latest read. All of this early reading unlocked the vault that held the holy grail of information that I so desperately wanted to understand. I've always voted for any millage that would build additional libraries or support them. I valued these book bastions because they not only comforted me but provided with access to worlds that have not only enriched me, but raised my level of consciousness. The public library was the first place where I got Internet access and the hunger to pursue it in my home. That's why I was so bemused by Amazon's quirky move to de-list any books of "adult" content from their rankings. Yet, even more surprising was much of this material dealt with "gay" content including titles such as Giovanni's Room from legendary literary giant James Baldwin or "Ruby Fruit Jungle" by Rita Mae Brown. Are you kidding me Amazon? For the record, I've purchased items from Amazon, including books and I'm not amused at this censorship tactic wrapped in marketing policy. The Internet has been buzzing with comments galore as end users are lashing out at the Internet behemoth. There's much talk about doing an economic embargo resulting in not spending those allegedly disposable greenbacks with them. At this post, it seems that Amazon's ill fated attempt to put such "adult" content on the back shelf will not happen. The company has announced that their was some sort of "glitch" in their system that caused the de-listing. Maybe it was the conficker worm that caused the hiccup but I believe that those bean counters decided that the flow of those rainbow dollars trumped the policy. I'll be watching these guys closely, but I encourage you to patronize your local independent book stores or consider our online partner, . No matter how you do it, books can take you their!

Pride 2009 Theme: Your Rights, Our Rights, Human Rights

We're about 50 days out from GPW 09 and so far I've heard next to nothing about the Little Rock festival except a business card that was left for me announcing Sunday June 7, 2009. 12 noon, Rivermarket. That's it. There were elections last year, some rounds of fundraisers and promises of info from their website ( or Twitter. However to date, apparently there's nothing to report or confirmed plans outlined. Not even a mention of this years national theme: Pride 2009: Your Rights, Our Rights, Human Rights. It's not mandatory that it be used but, if you don't have anything at all, then it's a "insert theme" here move. Meanwhile, there is a slate of officers and assigned committees which are all the makings of an organization. Including a "diversity committee" as a fresh approach to previous ethnic insensitivity's of organizers. Yet names and lackluster action does nothing to produce anything. I checked their Official My Space page, (last login 2.12.09) which post that LRCP is preparing for the "biggest pride Little Rock has ever seen. Own It." Oh really and exactly what would that be? In the past I've been soundly and roundly criticized for saying what other folks think but dare to speak. It's still a free country people. Don't get up in arms with lawmakers and then don't call out your own for their mediocrity or bullshit. I was labeled a "hater, dream killer, airing the community's dirty laundry and naysayer, all without any real proof or substantial illustrations. I had at least one reader demand that they be removed from my mailing list in protest of my views on asking the hard questions and seeking transparency. Well, here we are again and from where I stand, it's business as usual. Of course, there will be the question, "O.K. COP 24:7 what have you done to help the situation?" The answer: nothing because no one asked. It's just that simple. However, as I scanned the net on surrounding cities such as Memphis, Tulsa or Kansas City, MO, I noticed that they have their activities in play and advertised complete with updated websites filled with information. As for Central City the jury is out. I'll keeping searching for answers( the link to contact LRCP officers was Missing In Action) and when I find some, you'll be the first to know! If you find out, then share it with the rest of us...

1 comment: said...

You just keep right on telling it
as it is and I'll keep reading.
I spent years shaking the tree to
see what nuts would fall out and
got the same rep' as you.
That's 1 reason I don't belong toDSRA or any other social goups anymore. When I'm seen out by thous
of the old school I'm treated like
the pleag. I enterupted board meetings and asked too many questions so after 3 years I was asked politely NOT to renew my DSRA membership. That was 2002.
I have the utmost respect for you and what you do.
So keep right on shaking their nuts.