Thursday, April 09, 2009

Omnibus COP

Information is so vital in this ever changing world of the 24 hour news cycle. I spend lot's of time pursuing updates, verifications and digging deeper for understanding of numerous topics that I share with you dear reader. Why as you ask? Thanks for asking, because I want you to be enlightened, empowered and educated about issues that may impact you life. I don't "do this thing that I do," for a spin in Ego Tower, but rather as a service to the GLBTQ community and beyond. Ladies and Gentlemen, don't forget that "knowledge is power!" Now with all that said, let's go get some...
Info 101: JCCSI (Jefferson Comprehensive Care Systems) will be hosting a Benefits Education Training for consumers May 18, 1:30-4:30p.m., 2020 W.3rd street, 2nd floor conference room. This session is designed to educate consumers on the "basics" of accessing a variety of entitlement programs such as Social Security, Nutritional Assistance Programs and Workforce Assistance. The training is in response to the complexities that can become barriers to successfully obtaining these services. I have had personal experience with the Benefits game on behalf of several individuals that I have assisted. It can be a nightmare and wrought with redundancy as well as a massive paper trail. I was totally amused by a required Government document notifying claimants of the National Paperwork Reduction Act*, which touted the Gov.'s intention to reduce paper trails. Not so, I say. Because you will need all of that damn paper to make your case to those adjudicators ( a fancy word for paper pusher) who will ask you for these items perhaps more than once. I should know since an important case file was lost. Yes, my friends LOST, by a Government agency that had me file the information, get this, ONLINE! How do you lose a file submitted to your system was just mind boggling, not to mean frustrating to say the least. I demanded a Supervisor and quoted to them their own PRA which sorta sped up the process. Talk about navigating luck! Most likely in the JCCSI BET they will also address the numerous services that are now available Online. However, I was wondering just how many of those who may need this session are caught up in the Digital Divide without access to computers. I suggest that a session on accessing Prescription Assistance Programs would be extremely beneficial to the POZ community and anyone else trying to get meds. What a wicked web this benefits thingy can be. If you need more info call Dr. Smith at 870.535.3062 ext. 107 Deadline for registration is 5.08.09 Tell them you heard it here first!!
Channel Up: Arkansas Community Planning Group (ARCPG) is stepping into the 21st century with it's first test pilot of video conferencing for their April 10 meeting. According to an e-blast, the group's agenda will include assessments, agency reports and updates on HIV/AIDS related issues in the context of community planning. In their e-mail, organizers emphasize that this t medium is not new technology but don't explain why this approach hasn't been utilized previously. Especially, since I've watched so many presentations, meetings and believe it or not how my own orthopedic surgery would be done via web cast! O.K. I'm a blessed techy who has embraced new platforms, but hopefully this test will usher in a newer and greener era of folks meeting around the state. In the meantime, I hope that some of that stimulus cash will give Arkansas a boost in wiring this state with Broadband access. A few of you dear readers have expressed to me that some of our video/audio content can't be accessed because you reside in areas that are still dial-up landlocked or their are no DSL providers. Let's get this state wired for the future, now! Congrats and good luck! Need more info on the meeting, e-mail us for details!!!
UTR Fine Tunning: The Under the Rainbow radio show project is well underway with production meetings scheduled and time slot tentatively confirmed for Sunday nights at 9 p.m. The UTR group has decided to spotlight upcomming events, news, entertainment tidbits and music on KABF 88.3. To date, I have not heard a peep from any of you with ideas, concepts, show guest or anything. This show is all about community and the people whom populate it. Your voices and imput are sought and desired. So, what are you waiting for? Share it today. I'm waiting to hear from you before the show goes live later this month. Click it to our comment icon or

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Anonymous said...

It would be very nice to have the entire state wired with DSL or any other improvements to help bring us into the 21st cent'ry.
But if you expect any help from
Mr. Beebe or our rep's your barking
up the wrong tree.
We the people of this state and
country don't have a system of checks and balances any more.
One party now has both hands in the cooke jar and now there's nothing left but a "few" crumbs.
I have recieved my stimulus money,
a whopping $12.00, yes "twelve"
whole dollors a week. WooHooo! I
can order Iced Tea now instead of
drinking water with my lunch.....
"Good Grief Charley Brown"...

O' 1 more thing. It was nice seeing you out at SideTacks for their 4th anniv'. You look fab' darling.