Thursday, April 02, 2009

Everything is Everything: The Thursday Edition

"Everything is Everything", is a catchy phrase that a national radio show host uses when describing he's feeling about a variety of subjects. That feeling can go in many directions and as most of you know this forum is all about updates, commentary, your voices, observations and links to the most current information. Hey, it's no waiting in Aisle 1...step right up!

It ain't over, till it's over: Just as I predicted, Rep. Bryan King and crew just won't take "No" for an answer. He's re-introducing his HB2176, attempting to thwarted Eureka Springs' Domestic Partner Registry. He and his cadre of supporters have trumped up their logic as to why this non-official recognition for couples should not be allowed using the state's Marriage Amendment as a base. Therefore, the battle cry has gone out for individuals to contact their Representatives, committee members and King himself. The matter goes pops up again 4.2.09 and will be heard as this posting appears. We will keep you updated.

Rodeo in the Rock 09: After some miscommunication and snafus, the DSRA has announced that the host hotel, La Quinta Inn & Suites (617 S. Broadway) has extended it's deadline to April 8 for discounted reservations. According to Lou Rushing, this extension was needed to accommodate those who may have previously incurred inaccurate information. In a 3.16.09 e-blast sent by Rodeo Director, D. Scott which ed thanked supporters, but revealed that the effort was still facing a $3,000.00 shortfall. Yet organizers were hopeful that the funds would be acquired before the kick off, April, 17. My cowboy hat's off to these diligent workers, because I simply don't know how they continue to pull these events off with such slim margins. I thought that having this event bi-annually was too make this event more financially manageable consequently creating a more sustainable rodeo. However, I can't say much since this forum missed the deadline for Ad sponsorship but we've been supportive in other fundraising streams. I've seen some brochures from other ventures from around the country and I have been bold over at the tremendous ad base or supporters that these festival and rodeos acquire, especially the national outlets such as Comcast. Hey here's an idea, contact Comcast and ask them for some in-kind support or maybe the rodeo could be on one of those Public Access channels? I realize that it takes "people" power to get advertisers and coordinate all that goes in to it. But it seems that with every event or anything that's done, it's like pulling teeth to get folks to participate or get motivated. Gosh, wouldn't it be great if so many volunteers showed up that there were not enough work for them to do. Oh well, let's get back to the stone cold reality of the situation and just get it done. For more info hit the DSRA website( we've got a link) and of course stay locked in to COP:24/7.

Talking Out Loud: There may be a economic downturn or whatever, but it seems that there's still some lavender dollars to go around. I got an tip that former front man for Easy Street, M. Henderson is floating conversation that he will return to the nightlife with a new venture named, "Speak Easy" in the old The Factory space vacated a while back. Now, I have not spoken with Mr. H personally, this time, but I will press him on this next outing. The problem with posting these smoke signals, is the fact that for some reason, individuals don't want to be on the record with me about what they are saying. So,they "talk out loud" but when ask for confirmation with verification, then the cat gets their tongues. In other venue news, Club Good Times is doing a make over with a patio access from the club itself. I watched as some of the work has been taking place with a most likely completion date set to debut for their Black Pride week activities later this year. I've mentioned that the nightspot continues to thrive with it's upgrades in air conditioning and additional security. Yet I still continue to hear about impromptu violence and disturbances from patrons and passing motorist upon closing. In the Capitol View area, there are still plans for the "STAR" club in the old Italian Couple space. Can this city do a few more places where you keep seeing the same faces talking about the same things? I don't know. But, as more details come forth, I will bring it to you here first. If you get the inside skinny before I do, feel free to share it. I'm all ears...

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