Friday, April 24, 2009

Free Fall Friday: A Sizzler Edition

Here we are again, it's another TGIF in the Natural State and COP:24/7 is in a Spring Flinging mode. It's fast and furious in this cyber mash up of news, links, insights, commentary and maybe the kitchen sink. So let's go get em...

Crowns-R- US: Speaking of flinging, pageant season is in full swing, with the recent round of pageantry offering us, Dominque Sanchez, Miss Gay Arkansas US of A 2009, 1st Alternate, Christina Saxton. Wait just a minute.
Is this a re-run? Have I seen this show before?Am I doing a double take? In case you didn't know, this forum has a internal search engine that is quite a nifty gadget. Not to mean an effective way to access the archives of this forum. After a easy brief search, it seems that I, yes me, posted back in 2.21.07 that Dominque Sanchez had ascended to this same title in 2007. The first Alternate on that outing was Whitney Paige. (pictured left). If memory serves me correct and I don't claim to be a drag historian but this was the 07 mash up. Miss Sanchez served ever so briefly, sought a fist full of dollars for nationals, then unceremoniously had a "change of heart," consequently going MIA (missing in action) from the system. Did you get that? O.K. there's a bit more. Furthermore from my recollection, that move didn't result in her name being in the "banned" section of the US of A pageant website, unlike others who do a no show or violate those coveted rules that these outfits contend are universal. Well, maybe. But I think it's more like when pigs fly they will be. Just for the record, COP:24/7 outreached to DS for comment after our 2007 posting to get his side of the story. Yet, as usual we got "crickets," not even a "no comment." Gee Whiz, can you imagine no words from the Saturday night show M.C., whom doesn't seem lost for words? Let's be clear, I'm all about the "congratulate" and not the hate. It just appears that"special circumstances" as well as a round of "Tea & Sympathy" didn't preclude Miss S from competing without question. Come to think of it, why should it when the immediate goals are: a field of contestants, paying audience and profits! After all isn't it just the price of doing business. As as parting shot, everyone despite talent or excellence isn't always afforded these accommodations as cited in the post, Crowns Revisited( 7.24.06.) Oh well, It's another day in the pageantry Big Wheel of Chance, where anything is possible or not possible depending whom making the rules. Go Figure.

Dominique At her Finest!

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