Friday, April 03, 2009

Friday City Lights

The first Friday step off to a April Weekend is at hand and I'm ready. It's been a steady week with culling news items, sifting through e-mails, researching, updating, and tapping things out for a final cut. Boy this is work and how! If you think it's not, then you are seriously mistaken my friends. Yet, I keep at it and stay in the Big Chair bringing you that latest info for your consumption and contemplation. It's COP:24/7, bringing it to you, front and center....

Diversity Eureka: It's back, the Spring Diversity in Eureka this weekend in the NWA hamlet of the DPR. It's the usual mash up of sipping and shopping events which plays host to a variety of individuals from the Mid-South. I've attended this event in the past and found it a modest good time for a weekend. I had expectations of a "circuit party" atmosphere but for my taste got a lot less. There are various activities covering much ground, ranging from political displays such as the mass "kiss off," in the Basin park, gallery strolling and of course partying. From my vantage point, despite the diverse mix of folks, as I scanned the landscape, I noticed the lack of people of color. What's up with that? If you want to have a quick getaway and see a few new faces then check it out. For the most part, everyone is quite accommodating and welcoming all over town. I had no problems whatsoever dropping into shops that were not in the downtown area. Speaking of downtown Eureka, it's all about the parking or should I say the shortage of it. Their is a Limo service available with a $5.00 one way charge. It's practical and could save you from a DUI. If you do, send us you observations, pictures, videos or shout outs.

Slaves to Fashion: I'm a fashion maven at heart and always ready for the next opportunity to discover that next fashion find. However, even though I understand that to each his own, I'm perplexed at the the "low ride, baggy underwear" trend that at times is in just poor taste or simply sloppy. Yeah I know that hip hop has birthed numerous fashion waves, but I've seen many versions of this look and I still just cant' get with it. Also to my surprise, I've noticed that among some gay youth this craze has also become a statement. So I thought that I would try this get up, to see just how does this work. First off, I couldn't get use to my pants hanging from under my ass. You see, when my pants are this low, I'm usually getting undressed, going to the toilet or about to get busy. I tried to tighten my belt more to see if they would stay, but I found myself grabbing and holding them in place. During this exercise I kept thinking, how is someone suppose to walk like this without worrying about everything. I moved things around, got a different belt, adjusted and to my disgust, I came to the conclusion that this is just about the most silliest way to wear pants. As my partner looked on in the most puzzled way and I looked in the mirror, I kept wondering, WHY? What's the purpose? What does this mean? And why is this so popular with the younger set. Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures of me in this attire, even though they would have been pretty funny, I rather not have that seen publicly. O.K. urban fashionista, if you really want to make this statement, then be about it, but I think I'll stay with the classic "me" that works just fine, thank you. In the meantime, pull up your pants people!

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